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I've been writing more or less regularly to this blog since 1997. Here you can find my posts categorized with "life".

cover image for My blog, the 2017 edition

My blog, the 2017 edition

I guess every five years is a good cadence for blog redesigns. This year’s edition started as a rewrite of the technical implementation, but I ended up also updating the visuals. Here I’ll go through the design goals, and how I met them.
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Sailing across the Atlantic

Exactly a year ago today we flew from Berlin to Tenerife to depart on a sailing trip across the Atlantic on the Finnish sail training schooner T/S Helena. The Grid had just reached 10.000 founding members, and it was time to charge batteries before the next big push towards the beta.
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Travel: all you need is a good backpack

In the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, mainly through client work and the European projects I’ve been involved with. To be more exact, I’ve spent more than half of my time traveling. This year should definitely be more light on conferences!
cover image for Hacker-Nomad's toolkit, the 2012 edition

Hacker-Nomad's toolkit, the 2012 edition

Back in last July – when choosing photos to use in the epic The Dreams of the MeeGo Diaspora post – I noticed that it is quite fascinating to look at the various tablets and mobile phones we’ve been using over the years. Back then they all were so new, shiny, and exciting, and yet hardware moves so fast that...
cover image for My blog, the 2012 edition

My blog, the 2012 edition

Welcome to the latest iteration of my blog! I recently realized that I’ve been blogging since 1997, but actual visual or technical updates have been a lot more seldom.
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I build software for a living. This means creating the new generation of Content Management interfaces in the IKS Project and developing custom client applications at Nemein. As my office is where my laptop is, none of this work is particularly tied to a physical location. And as much of the work is communicating, I end up spending quite a...

Some good things in Google+

So, Google Plus launched, the first truly viable Facebook competitor. The timing is quite interesting, given Google's recent failures with the Buzz microblogging platform, and the impending Facebook IPO. After a bit of time with Plus, here are some thoughts: Google already knows everything I do, so sharing stuff there feels less risky The UI is pretty and a lot...
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Ten years of Nemein

Today it is ten years since my company, Nemein, started operating. Our team had been doing the internal Midgard-based information systems at Stonesoft, but as parts of that company were being sold, our team would've been split up. So instead we started our own business with Henri Hovi and Johannes Hentunen, with the idea that our Midgard expertise would be...

Better one file in the cloud than ten on the hard drive

Yesterday, after returning from a trip to Kenya, the hard drive on my old MacBook Air decided to die. Eventually I was able to recover most of it, but many files on my home directory were simply gone. But this isn't such a big problem, as everything of importance is anyway online, conforming with the Linus backup strategy: Backups are...
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Me on MeeGo

This is me normally: This is me on MeeGo: Thanks, Texrat!
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On volcanic ashes and international travel

The past two weeks have been pretty hectic for me - Midgard Gathering in Poland, some meetings in Berlin, and the Linux Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. And then, thanks to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland and the resulting flight cancellations, the trip back became a little bit more complicated. My original KLM flight on April 17th was cancelled, and...
cover image for First year of Qaiku, and a travel writing challenge

First year of Qaiku, and a travel writing challenge

Qaiku, the conversational microblogging service that launched a year ago had a refresh that launched today. While it hasn't yet convinced the twittering masses, it has already proven itself as a lot more thoughtful platform for the Finnish online community, and as a valuable workstreaming tool. The new version looks quite nice and fresh. Notice the privacy information on the...
cover image for Got a mystery book

Got a mystery book

When returning from lunch today I found a package on my office desk. The handwriting on the envelope looked familiar from pictures I had seen on Qaiku before, so it was clear: I had received my own mystery book: Mystery books have been received by many prominent Qaiku members before. They are beautifully handcrafted notebooks personalized for the recipient, often...

Attention is difficult

Why can't we concentrate? is an excellent book review about Rapt on Salon: "Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy," he wrote. "Now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages. I get fidgety, lose the thread, begin looking for something else to do. I feel as if I'm always dragging...
cover image for Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Need I say more? ...indeed I do. Next Monday is the Universal Towel Day. Therefore: How about Babylon 5? Technorati Tags: montypython, wolframalpha
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USB-Jerry, as seen on TV

The tale of Jerry's prosthetic USB finger continues. Helsingin Sanomat has posted the recent Reuters interview video with him: While the site is in Finnish, the interview video is in English. Technorati Tags: video, usb
cover image for On USB fingers and world news

On USB fingers and world news

Week and half ago I posted a story on Jerry's USB finger. While obviously we all thought the idea of replacing a lost finger with USB storage was cool in a cyberpunk way, we still felt it was old news as all had happened around last summer. And so, the worldwide interest around it took us by quite a surprise....
cover image for Let your Qaiku be heard across Twitter and Facebook

Let your Qaiku be heard across Twitter and Facebook

Qaiku is the new conversation-oriented microblog that many former Jaiku users are migrating to. While the team is still working on APIs and other features, it is already possible to pipe your qaikus to other social services like Twitter and Facebook. This blog entry will show you how. The first step is to register to, a service that can...
cover image for When reality meets product concepts

When reality meets product concepts

Yanko Design's You-SB concept: Jerry's real prosthetic USB finger storage: The story behind this is that Jerry had a motorcycle accident last May and lost a finger. When the doctor working on the artificial finger heard he is a hacker, the immediate suggestion was to embed a USB "finger drive" to the design. Now he carries a Billix Linux distribution...

Microblogging: why Qaiku might do what Twitter and Brightkite didn't

Microblogging is all about conversations. About interesting ideas, and the opinions and clarifications to those. About discovering things happening around you. But to be honest, Twitter and its clones like do not do that so well. Ease of posting, and good external tools might be there, but what lacks is the possibility to have real conversations. That is where...

On innovation, and how choice is not always good

JP Rangaswami is writing about how innovation should happen as a dialogue between the developers and the users of the product. As an example of how innovation used to happen, he dug up Henry Ford's early automobiles and assembly lines. With these early Fords, the customer choice was limited to having your car "in any color as long as it...

Meme: Ten years

Ten years ago, 1998 Started my first "real job" as a site building in an ad agency Moved out of the commune We were running already the first production Midgard site Was in process of handing Harmaasudet over. By spring 1999 I would be out Five years ago, 2003 Did my first motorcycle trip to Russia Co-organized a very nice...
cover image for Not everything goes according to plan

Not everything goes according to plan

Damn. As Slate put it: Distance also magnifies the impact of negative feelings like longing and suspicion; according to one study, intercity lovers are more likely to be depressed What next? I don't know, maybe focus on some core competencies...
cover image for Summer versus autumn identity

Summer versus autumn identity

As I didn't go to LatinoWare this year, the extended summer is now officially over, and therefore it is time to change to autumn garb, also on my online identity. Background remains the same: I remember seeing somebody's blog change its background image according to weather outside, showing sunny or rainy scenery. Maybe I should follow similar idea, changing color...
cover image for Spontaneous adventures: some autumn geohashing

Spontaneous adventures: some autumn geohashing

Geohashing, as introduced by the awesome web comic xkcd, is an spontaneous adventure generator. The geohashing algorithm uses the current date and the day's Dow Jones Industrial Average to generate a new location for each region in the world. Geohashers then use various means to reach that location in search for fun and adventure. As out there was beautiful autumn...
cover image for Meme time: picture right now

Meme time: picture right now

As seen on Planet GNOME: Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture. My picture was taken with Photo Booth in the Saha Haedong Kumdo dojang in Busan, Korea after a bamboo cutting seminar. I'm here for the...

Knol: a unit of knowledge

Google's Wikipedia competitor Knol launched a while back. It seeks to make writing informative entries more appealing to authors by offering a cut of advertisement revenue from the Knol pages. This can be a substantial thing as calculations say if Wikipedia had ads the revenue from them would be 42 million USD per year. Having read Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash...
cover image for Part-time Istanbullu

Part-time Istanbullu

A thousand years ago, men from my lands traveled here in search of opportunities and adventure. Now, due to intercontinental relationships and working permits, I follow their footsteps. While Istanbul didn't score perfectly in Monocle's Quality of Life index, I still find it a quite appealing place for a web worker. The lifestyle is more relaxed than in the north,...
cover image for Why Finland is different

Why Finland is different

It is not only sauna, cold winters and Koskenkorva that sets us Finns apart, apparently: The map also identifies the existence of two genetic barriers within Europe. One is between the Finns (light blue, upper right) and other Europeans. It arose because the Finnish population was at one time very small and then expanded, bearing the atypical genetics of its...
cover image for Social networks: personal & professional

Social networks: personal & professional

It seems many people are struggling with how to classify different contacts in the social networking services you use: is your boss your "friend" on Orkut, and are your drinking buddies valid LinkedIn contacts? To make things easy, let me introduce the beer rule: User needs two social networking services. I use FaceBook to keep in touch with friends, and...
cover image for Some GUADEC Istanbul pictures

Some GUADEC Istanbul pictures

Earlier this month we went to GUADEC 2008 to give a talk on GeoClue and geo-information frameworks for mobile Linux desktops. Quite good fun, especially the Bosphorus cruise! After the conference we continued vacationing in south Turkey, scootering to the ruins of Ephesus and taking a yacht cruise from Fethiye to Olympos. More photos on Flickr.
cover image for Dataset: Pamplona's bull run

Dataset: Pamplona's bull run

Off the Map has posted an interesting dataset of the Pamplona San Fermin bull run: In honor of the festival that kicked off this week, I thought that this was a great opportunity to show how Finder! can be a great trip planning tool. With the ability to download geographic datasets of your choice as well as create your own,...
cover image for At least we won the Ice Cream Deathmatch

At least we won the Ice Cream Deathmatch

While Tampere was lost, we won't return from GUADEC without any medals: I won the ice cream deathmatch held during the Collabora boat party on Bosphorus. From Vincent Untz: We of course had the Ice Cream Deathmatch. So, it seems people thought it was all about speed, while really it's all about enjoying :-) On the other hand, Henri Bergius...
cover image for Professional versus personal blogging

Professional versus personal blogging

My blog is where I post mostly about things related to technology, while personal happenings are noted in my Jaiku lifestream. Wordle visualizes the differences quite well. Here is the professional blog: And my Jaiku feed: Post inspired by Carlos's maemo wordle.
cover image for Quality of Life: Helsinki gets good score

Quality of Life: Helsinki gets good score

The latest issue of Monocle just dropped in my mailbox. The cover story this time is quality of life in various global cities. Helsinki did quite well, being 5th on the list. Defects listed with the city included shops being closed on Sundays and low immigration levels. From my view the city is doing many things right, including increasing rail...
cover image for Headed out for a walk

Headed out for a walk

I'm now headed to Santiago de Compostela via a Haedong Kumdo seminar in Sweden. This means that I will be spending most of May walking. In the meanwhile, my progress can be followed via Jaiku or Plazes. Technorati Tags: pilgrimage, santiagodecompostela
cover image for Podcast on Nikola Tesla

Podcast on Nikola Tesla

Tank Riot from two weeks ago has a podcast on Nikola Tesla, a very interesting character behind many of the inventions that enabled the modern age, including AC electricity, radio, and possibly even more interesting things. From the Wikipedia page: Tesla is best known for his many revolutionary contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th...
cover image for Information is a key to sustainable transport

Information is a key to sustainable transport

I’ve written earlier how open data availability could promote public transportation. Openly available public transport schedule and route information would enable small businesses and other innovators to build new kinds of consumer route planning services. These new services in turn would help to make it easier to leave the car home and choose more sustainable transport options.
cover image for Hiking in the weekend

Hiking in the weekend

The “ruska season” has now started and so we decided to go hiking in the Evo area last weekend.
cover image for Greg Stein got mugged :-(

Greg Stein got mugged :-(

Greg Stein, of WebDAV, SVN and ASF fame, got violently mugged last Friday in Mountain View: They gave Greg a black eye and a serious laceration to the head which required numerous stiches. Apparently, he was bleeding profusely when the ambulance came. The doctors were worried about his head wound and he spent the entire night under observation and went...
cover image for Photos and

Photos and "interestingness"

I’ve been working on determining relevancy of news items recently. Something similar can be done to photos using the various metrics Flickr provides for interestingness, and not surprisingly, there is a service that enables you to do exactly this: Dopiaza’s Flickr Set Manager.
cover image for When a holiday gets

When a holiday gets "interesting"

My holiday motorcycle trip of this summer was an interesting one, in the Chinese sense. The plan was to first ride to Switzerland to attend the first Haidong Gumdo European Championships, and then continue from there together with Juha to Montenegro. As it happens, Juha never got his motorcycle working, and my trip was filled with various adventures and misfortune,...
cover image for Diners Club going Social Web?

Diners Club going Social Web?

I recently logged in to the Diners Club extranet to check the credit card balance after our trip to Provence, and noticed a new feature there. They had picked some restaurant bills from my credit card statement and asked for me to rate them in a very typical Web 2.0 fashion:
cover image for Time to pack

Time to pack

It is time to move and I’m packing my things. I loved the “little family” we ran for a while, the view we had over the roofs of Helsinki, and living in close proximity of some of my friends that enabled shared sauna evenings.

Welcome to the new server

My blog is now running on a virtual Debian box. It should provide much faster response times and better stability for my blog than the older solution. I will be sharing the server with Arttu from

Solution to slowness of my site coming

I’m really sorry for the state my site has been in for the last month or so. The server I’m hosted on is really starting to decay.

Why Jaiku beats Twitter

Since Midgard is now able to import my Jaiku presence information, I’ve finally switched to it completely from Twitter. Since the discussion about the merits of these two different services are being discussed actively, I though I should give some of my reasons:
cover image for Jaiku: personal presence aggregator

Jaiku: personal presence aggregator

This morning I’ve been exploring the Jaiku service. Jaiku is a combination of a social web service and a mobile phone application that takes the personal status and presence ideas of Twitter quite a bit further. The idea is to combine data from various services to provide a presence feed that can be shared with friends and colleagues.

Short clip from Haidong Gumdo practice

We were practicing some basic Haidong Gumdo techniques with Jose today, and decided to try the video features of my N90. Here’s a quick clip of me doing the fourth basic technique:
cover image for Compact homes of the future

Compact homes of the future

Now that advertisements recognize you, flying cars are coming, and a Bond movie mostly uses off-the-shelf technology, we can say the future is really here.
cover image for Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog

This is the latest iteration of my home on the web. I’ve had a website since sometime in 1994, and under this same “iki” address since 2001. This latest design was actually made in spring 2006 after our US trip, but has been waiting in mothballs for the right moment.
cover image for Tank surfing on Flickr

Tank surfing on Flickr

This picture from the Midgard developer meeting trip to Komorniki, Poland was chosen as one of the top tank pictures of the year in Flickr. The guy on the top of the T-34/85 tank is Arttu Manninen Very nice way to end the year 2006! Now on to St. Petersburg... While my moblog is temporarily disabled from new posts, I...
cover image for More photo backlog

More photo backlog

Now, this one has been on my TODO list for a while:
cover image for Clearing the photo backlog

Clearing the photo backlog

Like in some earlier situations, I’ve again gotten a bit backlogged with publishing my photos. In any case, here are some new sets on Flickr:

The trip to Murmansk

Pjotr has just posted the video from our Murmansk trip to Google Video:
cover image for Clearing the photo backlog

Clearing the photo backlog

I’ve again gotten quite backlogged with publishing photos from various adventures. Today I fortunately had time to push tree sets on Flickr:

Going underground

The latest blog meme is listing metro lines you’ve used. Here’s mine, although Tbilisi Metro wasn’t listed:
cover image for Return of the Moblog

Return of the Moblog

My moblog hasn’t been updated since GUADEC last July, and some relatives have already been asking about it. The reason why I haven’t updated is that I switched to the Nokia N90 camera phone, and the email format it uses makes Mail_mimeDecode fail.
cover image for Floating down with beer

Floating down with beer

Last saturday we participated in the Kaljakellunta - beer floating event. The day was spent in perfect weather floating with hundreds of dinghies and other improvised rafts down the Keravanjoki river from Heureka science center.
cover image for Easy midsummer and Barcelona

Easy midsummer and Barcelona

Traditionally Finns spend the Midsummer in the countryside, and we usually follow suit. However, this midsummer both of the summer cottages were booked so we decided to take the weekend easy.
cover image for Clearing the photo backlog

Clearing the photo backlog

I’ve been totally swamped by the number of photos taken during the last eight months of travel, and am lagging badly behind on publishing the photos. To help sort things out, I’ve now registered a Flickr account.
cover image for On the burning of VR Makasiinit

On the burning of VR Makasiinit

VR Makasiinit, the old railway transfer terminal from late 19th century burned down on friday. We were on the way home from opera when the main street of Helsinki was closed and a dark plume of smoke towered above the city.
cover image for Goin' to Texas

Goin' to Texas

2006-03-24 08:25Z: We left San Francisco in the morning and have followed the coastal US-101. Santa Barbara is now behind us as we approach LA.

Two years of blogging

I started this blog on March 19th 2004. 332 entries and two years later it is time to reflect whether blogging makes sense.
cover image for Go West

Go West

2006-03-18 02:25Z: Rolling on prairie powered by beef jerky. We left Dallas in the morning and found sun after Amarillo. No tumbleweed yet.
cover image for Road trip preparations

Road trip preparations

We will have a quite interesting drive from Dallas to EclipseCon next week:
cover image for Sown Viking ship's trip report

Sown Viking ship's trip report

Mika Naimark has posted his trip report of the Shnjaka sown ship expedition last summer:
cover image for Viking biathlon 2006

Viking biathlon 2006

Kerttu was skiing in the Harmaasudet team, and so I went to watch the Hiidenhirven hiihto ancient biathlon contest. The tradition has been bringing together Living History groups from all over Finland every winter since 1999.
cover image for Decluttering process

Decluttering process

During this week we’ve hauled about one and half Land Rover loads of furniture and old stuff to recycling.

Cars and commuting

Arttu from Protie is analyzing his car habit. Up comes the environmental aspect:
cover image for The Mountains Burn

The Mountains Burn

Slopes of the Table Mountain and Signal Hill bordering the city of Cape Town have been on fire since yesterday afternoon. Yesterday the smoke cloud covered the whole city centre, making the sun appear only as a thin red disc in the sky.

Four Things

I’m giving over for the latest blog meme while waiting for a connection to the local Midgard server here. For some reason the firewall blocks pretty much everything…
cover image for African miracles

African miracles

I’m going to Cape Town next week to work on a project coordinated by the City of Tampere. The trip will be a welcome diversion from the current -22°C weather here in Finland.

This is the future

The Cyberpunk future predicted seems to be here now:

Happy New Year, and a look back at 2005

We spent the New Year’s Eve at our favorite rock star’s place having sauna, and welcoming the new year with Pikkuoravat, Verka Serduchka and Sovetskoe Shampanskoe. Globalization was really showing through, with SMS messages arriving in several languages and from several different time zones. Some samples:
cover image for Another Family Christmas

Another Family Christmas

We had the traditional Xmas party last night, and despite Joe’s earlier angst almost the whole family attended, including Joe Suicide, Johnnie-Boy and our favorite rock star, Skoll of Surma fame. Jay Surfer was planning to come, but got lost somewhere in the way between Vallila and Ullanlinna.
cover image for Updates from Florianopolis

Updates from Florianopolis

Here are some updates while reading the news in the SOLISC speakers’ room: Yesterday’s session on DBE went well, with Anahuac doing the translation. The session was held in a slot shared with Izabel’s GNOME talk. After the days’ programs we returned to the Dolphin House for dinner.
cover image for Meanwhile, in France

Meanwhile, in France

The riots in France are running for the 12th night, and the country is now in state of emergency. John Robb of Global Guerillas is analyzing the situation:
cover image for Way of the sword

Way of the sword

We went with Kerttu to a fencing lesson for the first time yesterday. The sabre course feels interesting, and the connections to Kendo, the other sword sport I’ve practiced are definitely visible.

Blog capitalism

Business Opportunities Weblog has a funny tool for calculating blog’s worth:
cover image for The Cave City of Vardzia

The Cave City of Vardzia

We had amazing time in the medieval Georgian cave cities of Vardzia and Vanis kvabebi last weekend. I’ve already contributed some information on Vardzia to WikiPedia, and plan to write more about both later on.

Software Freedom Day

Taya pointed me to Software Freedom Day on September 10th:

Not going to Europe this summer

Unfortunately I got ill after returning from the wedding in St. Petersburg, and so can’t make it to Budapest for 20th.

Views over Helsinki

I’ve plugged this before, but continues to chronicle the life in Helsinki with the beautiful photos of Niklas Sjöblom.
cover image for Journey with a sown ship

Journey with a sown ship

2005-06-27 17:45Z: Anchored for the night at N61.49,45 E36.06,73. We have made a tent out of the sail and wait on river Vodla for the forecasted SE wind.
cover image for Preparing for a Viking Adventure

Preparing for a Viking Adventure

I’m joining the Shnjaka expedition in east Carelia this weekend. Shnjaka is a viking ship built without a single nail using the old sowing techniques.
cover image for Things happening last May

Things happening last May

Finally the summer has started here in Finland and it is warm enough to spend time at the summer cottage and swim in the lake. At the same time, my trusty Triumph Legend is again running after its starter problems. Big thanks to, especially as they installed the Kawasaki starter ahead of schedule and under budget!

Photos from Rome online

Torben fixed a bug in the MidCOM gallery that prevented me from uploading large sets of photos, and so I am again able to publish the more easily. To celebrate this, I’ve made the photos from the recent trip to Rome available online in the photo gallery.

The Viking biathlon

Hiidenhirven hiihto is the annual relay biathlon race between different historical re-enactment clubs in Finland. Kerttu was skiing this year in the Harmaasudet team, and so I went to watch the competition.

Bad taxi day

During the winter there is no motorcycling to be had, and so I use public transportation. To get to and from urgent meetings I usually take a taxi. The taxis in Helsinki region are usually very nice and high-techy. The drivers use a moving map GPS systems for orienteering, and the taxis can be called via SMS. The SMS ordering...

Happy new year!

Happy new year to everybody, especially in the Midgard community! I was going to post something about how the Midgard world will look like in 2005, but Kaukola got ahead of me. This year has been a very good one for the project, and the next promises even greater advances and exciting new technologies. There are also looks at PHP...
cover image for Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Related to yesterday's geolocation post, these maps seems to be the current meme on Planet Debian: This summer's trip added another 9 to the sum. Create your own visited countries map. The map is very similar to the ones generated by the World66, an open content travel guide.

Adding location awareness to blogs

I've today updated my blog to display the location the post was made from. The location is linked to blog postings, photos and moblog entries based on their timestamps. This is done by maintaining a database of locations with the times I've been in them in Midgard CMS. To report a new location I simply send an SMS containing the...

Bourgeois Christmas

This Christmas breaks away from an old tradition honored by a group of my friends. Since '96 we've gathered to spend the holidays together, eating and drinking vast quantities. As the Suicide Surfers are away, this Xmas will be different. Joe complains: Relating to traditions, I just heard yesterday, that some pigs have lost their wings and adapted to the...

New blog layout

I've finally implemented the planned year 2005 layout on my home page this weekend. Due to arranging the housewarming party yesterday it is still somewhat unfinished, but still nicer than the old one. Main reasons for revising the site layout was that I needed more space for some intended metadata. In addition, Kerttu has been bugging me about how boring...

Housewarming party

Kerttu and I held the housewarming party for friends last night in our new home. A very nice evening with over 20 guests. The dishes were well received, with caipirinhas and salmon rolls being the most popular offerings. Producing the caipirinhas from cachaça given by Tim was somewhat of a show, as we had to use a bokken sword for...

Weekend in Ukraine

We spent last weekend in Lviv (Львів, Lwow, Löwenburg, Leopolis), Ukraine together with Taya from Georgia and Nata, Ania and Monika from Poland. I had seen them last time in Caucasus, and the reunion was very nice. We also got to do some business planning regarding bringing Midgard to the Georgian market. Lviv is a former Polish city given to...

New apartment

Our new apartment is located in the Five Corners district of Helsinki. A nice two-room flat on 7th floor with view over the roofs of the city. It had been renovated for the previous inhabitant, so it is in almost brand new shape - even though the building was constructed in the 60s.
cover image for Back from the North

Back from the North

Since this was our first hunting trip we concentrated mostly on getting familiar with the forest area and what game can be found there. We slept the night in a Finnish teepee (laavu) with a fire to keep warm. During the reconnaissance trips we saw rabbits, reindeer, swans and several species of arctic birds. I got close enough to try...

Almost too perilous

My friend and colleague Kaukola got hitched last weekend. We had a good time in the bachelor party last August, involving military exercises, zorb balls, sauna and aerobatics. However, the actual wedding celebrations provided me with the scariest experience so far during the year. I've hiked in the arctic, fallen under a train in Russia, faced angry elephants and climbed...

Introducing Suicide Surfers

Joe and Jay have never surfed, but nevertheless left their regular life and will head soon to Australia to learn surfing. Why? Joe explains in a recent diary entry:

Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung

The Nibelung's Ring series is based on a combination of Nordic mythologies and medieval German stories. A central part is played by the ring of power forged by dwarf Alberich from the stolen Rhine gold. The struggle for the ring eventually brings about Ragnarøk, the end of the Norse gods. Wagner composed the series in mid-19th century.While we did not...

Finnish Championship of Fireworks

We watched the contest from Kaivopuisto near Cafe Ursula. The whole central Helsinki was very crowded, but by lane splitting a bit with my motorcycle we could easily find a good viewing point.The contest has been set up in the memory of the shelling of Viapori by a British and French fleet during the Crimean war in 1855. The citizens...
cover image for More African Photos Online

More African Photos Online

The photos still need to be titled and added to appropriate travel journal entries, but that might have to wait until I return from the Black Sea.

Planets and Reading Lists

My full weblog is aggregated to Planet Midgard, Summer Source Blogs and Midgard developers on OSCOM.In addition to aggregating all posts, the Midgard category is aggregated to Planet PHP, the Business category to Linux Greenhouse Blogs and the OSCOM category to Planet OSCOM. OpenPSA News are generated from my OpenPSA category.These aggregators combined with people reading the weblog with news...

Tampere Experience

On friday we ate well in the Viking restaurant Harald, and enjoyed some beers in the Plevna microbrewery. Walking around in the Finlayson area of 19th century industrial architecture was also very nice.Unfortunately the Center party had their national convention in the city during the weekend, and we had trouble finding accommodation. With luck we were finally able to get...

Minor Blog Updates

Commenting was implemented with the net.nemein.discussion component using the methods described on Midgard site. Since I'm starting to get overwhelmed with spam, commenting my blog posts might be a good way to reach me.So far all commenters will only be identified as "Anonymous Poster". I might provide some friends later with their own accounts to make moderation easier.There have also...
cover image for Paska-G's Sprint is Over - We Won

Paska-G's Sprint is Over - We Won

Our main advantage in the rally were the tight, coordinated pit stops. The longest stop with refueling, refreshing the team and washing the windscreen took 2 minutes and 39 seconds. In total there were six gas breaks. Our black leather team clothes must also have helped in winning.The race was at its best when we had some very tight chase...

Paska-G's Sprint Rally

The rally will start tomorrow from Helsinki and hopefully end up to Hammerfest, Norway, near the North Cape. Of course, with such cars nothing will be certain. Our car, dubbed Muerte Despacio is a black eighties Fiat Uno. We painted the car yesterday, with the Paska-G logo, red stripes, flowers and flames (courtesy of Kerttu). If the car holds up,...

The Other Side of Pitkäsilta

Kallio is the "worker area" of Helsinki, with a very colorful reputation. It is also a very lively place, with its share of bars, public saunas and ethnic restaurants. Kallio is also the center of socialist 1st of may celebrations.The album has many snippets of information on Kallio in Finnish, and features old photos from beginning on 20th century, with...
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On CDG Terminal 2E Collapse

What makes this tragedy a bit more personal is that I spent six hours in the terminal on my February trip to South Africa, and was quite impressed by the futuristic architecture: Nat Friedman writes in his blog:
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Story on Vis

The BBC article mostly concentrates on the British historical aspects of the island.

Cell Phone Down

Before everyone had cell phones we would always schedule meetings to some easy-to-access place, like the railway station. But now it is so easy to arrange meetings on the fly, and so nobody plans them ahead. However, without mobile phone this is impossible.What makes the situation increasingly funny is that the customer service lines of this telco are blocked in...

Back from Poland

We drove to Poland following E67, the Via Baltica. I've now driven the road in three summers, and the improvements are quite visible. Roads are getting better all the time, and now that the Baltic countries are in EU border checks were a breeze. Another big improvement is in credit card acceptance. Visa was accepted everywhere in Baltic countries so...

Another Good Vappu

This Vappu went according to tradition: we watched Havis Amanda get the student hat together with some Austrian exchange students, had a sunny picnic in Kaivopuisto and Vappu herring lunch in Ateljé.What we did first time this year was to outsource the picnic food production to a local Subway, so we could concentrate on more important (and usually Koff-branded) affairs.The...
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Pictures from Pamplona

We went there in 2001 to attend the bull run festival held there every July. It was odd to see from Rodrigo's photos how empty and sleepy the city looks like outside the San Fermin festival. Our interrail trip through Europe to the festival was one of the really good ones. We slept mostly in parks, and had lots of...

A Real Sunday

The Sailor's pub, situated in the trendy Herttoniemenranta suburb was a very good choice. We were able to sit in sunshine and watch the boats in the harbour, while enjoying our H.Uppmanns. Before going to the pub I also got to see my friend's new Fabarm shotgun.After the pub visit there was time for cruising leisurely in the suburbs. I...

On Silence

It was suprising how much he was able to communicate with simple pantomime and gestures. When the silence ended at midnight, he told us there had been only three occasions when he would've wanted to explain something but couldn't.Of course, the sign language alphabet we learned back in commune days to irritate the rest of our flat mates helped.
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10th Anniversary of Harmaasudet

We arranged a "HC Susi" contest with meep for the event. In the contest the teams had to arrange performances with themes like "Why Grey Wolves suck - view of the ordinary live-roleplayer" or "Headlines of Grey Wolves' gossip column for the coming years", and recognize obscure items and faces from the history of the association.The prize of special "HC...

Jose is Back

Pretty interesting stories; hanging from a cliff hands bleeding and meditating under a tree for days. Makes me really look forward to the official show-and-tell evening on Saturday in Parnell's.Also, the photos of his Enfield were simply sexy. Oh well, then we have a new member at Routa MC.Updated 2004-04-04: For Jose's new life style of short sleep and daily...

Leaks and neighbors

Apparently the pipes in the apartment had failed and started leaking.So now I'm stuck with no shower for at least a week, except for the nearby sauna place.Joys of living in an old house...

I'm back!

Bergie’s military service ended on Dec 29th 2000.

My military service begins tomorrow

My 180 days long military service begins tomorrow, so I’m now going offline. As my email connectivity will be unsteady at best, I’ll unsubscribe the Midgard mailing lists now.
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Minor site updates

Another small-scale update to the site.

New site version online

The version 5.0 of Bergie’s site is now available in

Some site improvements

There have been some small improvements made for Bergie’s Web site.

Gettin' Stoned ;-)

Bergie switches job and becomes the webmaster of a network security software company.

Portfolio delayed

Despite Bergie’s original intentions, the launching of his Design Portfolio site gets delayed.

Layout fixed

Bergie fixes a Netscape problem in the site’s layout. (9th Jan. 1999)

Writing a CV

Bergie takes time to finally write his CV.

Attacks on Tyr

Our server was cracked a while ago.

Harmaasudet 4.0

A new layout for the Grey Wolves.

Website ideas

Odd thoughts about my website.

New outlook for Wolves

A vision of Harmaasudet new publicity campaign and how I got it.

News page launch

The news page has been created.