Tyr back online!

We’re back online.

All right, we are finally back online so I guess it is time to post at least something about the downtime. We lost our network connection at 1st of May because the company that had been sponsoring us our access to the internet fell down. During the downtime I created a temporary page for posting details on the system being down. If you wish to see it (again?) you can go to here. If we ever should run across similar problems again, that is where I will announce the situation.

Now that we’re online, it is finally possible to try to get a beta of Midgard out, and Yaroslav has actually promised us a working version ‘real soon now’.

Also must be noted that I finally got my hands on a copy of Psion Series 5 palmtop and when I get the Internet connection on it working, I’ll try to create the journal finally.