Greg Stein got mugged :-(

cover image for Greg Stein got mugged :-(

Michael Wechner and Greg Stein Greg Stein, of WebDAV, SVN and ASF fame, got violently mugged last Friday in Mountain View:

They gave Greg a black eye and a serious laceration to the head which required numerous stiches. Apparently, he was bleeding profusely when the ambulance came.

The doctors were worried about his head wound and he spent the entire night under observation and went through numerous CAT scans.

A few weeks prior, he broke one of his legs and had been on crutches when these guys decided to beat the hell out of him.

What did they get? One hundred dollars and a credit card.


When I got drugged and robbed in Czech Republic last June, I was quite down because of it for weeks. I’m sure getting mugged is even worse. So, to cheer him up, some people have started a PayPal fundraiser to send him on a holiday. Overflow will be donated to Apache Software Foundation.

I know Greg from the OSCOM circles, and it really sucks that this happened to him.

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