Goin' to Texas

cover image for Goin' to Texas

2006-03-24 08:25Z: We left San Francisco in the morning and have followed the coastal US-101. Santa Barbara is now behind us as we approach LA.

Shoreline on California 1

2006-03-24 09:30Z: Rotten hamburgers on Hollywood boulevard made us happy to leave the City of Dreams. Headed south to San Diego.

2006-03-24 17:50Z: Heading east on I-8. Snow-capped mountains loom ahead as we ascend from the Pasific coast.

Huge cactuses in Arizona desert

2006-03-25 00:15Z: Huge cactuses and brown peaks dominate the view as we roll through the sands of Arizona. Soon in Tucson.

2006-03-25 18:05Z: Breakfast in El Paso and Texan soil under our feet. No Hattori Hanzo swords in pawn shops, though.

El Paso downtown

2006-03-25 22:35Z: Road is surrounded by endless roadkills and oil pumps as we approach Odessa. Pecos and Rio Grande are already behind us.