Go West

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2006-03-18 02:25Z: Rolling on prairie powered by beef jerky. We left Dallas in the morning and found sun after Amarillo. No tumbleweed yet.

2006-03-18 02:30Z: Stars shine above the desert as we head west on the Interstate 40 abeam Moriarty in New Mexico. Monty Python’s Galaxy Song amuses.

Monumental mesas in Arizona

2006-03-18 05:20Z: We’re overnighting in a motel in Grants, NM. This is indian country, the road is littered with casinos.

2006-03-18 19:00Z: We found the first patches of snow while driving towards Arizona surrounded by towering red mesas. Passed the Continental Divide at 2300m.

Looking down to Grand Canyon

2006-03-19 19:20Z: We left Las Vegas on sunny morning and headed to Mojave desert. Past are the snows of Grand Canyon.

2006-03-20 06:15Z: We arrived safely to San Francisco, and got sprayed by skunks while looking at the Golden Gate bridge. Car misfired a bit in the desert.

Las Vegas Strip at night