Clearing the photo backlog

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I’ve been totally swamped by the number of photos taken during the last eight months of travel, and am lagging badly behind on publishing the photos. To help sort things out, I’ve now registered a Flickr account.

The FlickrExport tool makes it very easy to publish the pictures from iPhoto, the application which I use to manage the pictures on my laptop:

Uploading images via FlickrExport

Using Flickr for photo publishing fits well with my “IT strategy”. I can have the photos available for three usage areas:

  1. Offline and desktop access: iPhoto and the Nokia 770 image viewer
  2. Sharing: Flickr
  3. Archival: Synchronizing the photos from Flickr to Midgard using PhpFlickr

I still need to implement the Flickr synchronization support into Midgard, but I trust this will be easy, especially as I already have similar thing going with bookmarks synchronization from and news subscription sync from Bloglines.

In any case, the first trips to end up on Flickr are:

There are also three ancient photo sets I thought to have lost posted by Henri Hovi:

If you have an RSS reader or iPhoto, you can subscribe to my picture feed as a PhotoCast.