Introducing Suicide Surfers

Joe and Jay have never surfed, but nevertheless left their regular life and will head soon to Australia to learn surfing. Why? Joe explains in a recent diary entry:

Most of the people I've talked about my plans for the coming year have had these strange ideas about leaving to somewhere. They've been saying things like "I'd like to do that too, but I have all these commitments to handle." Facts are:

1. (Geography) We have maybe the worst climate in the world. No real summer and last decent winter was -98.

2. (Technical knowledge) Only thing to be proud of is a company, that technically isn't finnish and abandoned its corecompetencies by selling the branch which manufactured rubber boots. Result: finnish are proud of mediocre cellphones, which are made in china and generally thought to be japanese.

3. (Culture) Our best placement in Eurovision song contest is 6th place from 70's. Luckily other europeans have decided, that there is no point to come to the contest every year, if you lose. So finnish singers have to embarrass themselves only once in two years.

4. (Food) Most of the recipes we have inherited from our grandparents are practically uneatable. Take mämmi, traditional easter dish, for example. What kind of pervert would like to eat something that resembles shit of carnivorus animal after it has been laying on freezen walkway for two nights?

5. (People) Peaople just suck.

You may enjoy doing same things 9to5 every day with same people, at same places in same shitty climate. But I'm off.

The site's IA is also interesting; in addition to posting photos, videos and diary entries, the site also collects data on when they got lucky last time. And it is all nicely in XHTML and CSS. All frequently updated areas provide handy RSS 2.0 feeds for subscription.

Currently they provide a guestbook for commenting, and are planning a discussion forum.

This project will be amusing to follow.