Another Family Christmas

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We had the traditional Xmas party last night, and despite Joe’s earlier angst almost the whole family attended, including Joe Suicide, Johnnie-Boy and our favorite rock star, Skoll of Surma fame. Jay Surfer was planning to come, but got lost somewhere in the way between Vallila and Ullanlinna.

We made a turkey filled with onions, minced meat and peppers, and had the fridge stocked with Punikki (red guard) beer. After the dinner Kerttu treated us with a tandoori apple pie.

It was very nice to see the “family” come together after last year’s bourgeois period.

Happy holidays to everybody! Today the plan is to take things easy and go watch King Kong in the evening…

Ball-shaped Christmas Tree

Stuffing the bird Punikki beer Enjoying the turkey

Updated 2005-12-27: Joe Suicide has blogged his version of the story.