At least we won the Ice Cream Deathmatch

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While Tampere was lost, we won't return from GUADEC without any medals: I won the ice cream deathmatch held during the Collabora boat party on Bosphorus.

From Vincent Untz:

We of course had the Ice Cream Deathmatch. So, it seems people thought it was all about speed, while really it's all about enjoying :-) On the other hand, Henri Bergius (if I remember well) is just not a human since he ate everything so quickly. But, well, his bio mentions "Henri Bergius is a former Viking based in the Nordic country of Finland"...

Vincent, the whole point is that if you enter a competition, enter it to win. Regardless of whether that involves eating ice cream, racing crappy cars to the Arctic Ocean, or crossing Europe on 50cc "Monkey" mini-mopeds. If you're not the first, you're the last [1].

Some pictures from

Guadec 2008 Icecream Deathmatch: Eating

Guadec 2008 Icecream deathmatch: Winner

[1]: No, I wouldn't have watched that movie if it hadn't been semi-mandatory in-flight show when crossing the Atlantic on TAM.