Some GUADEC Istanbul pictures

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Earlier this month we went to GUADEC 2008 to give a talk on GeoClue and geo-information frameworks for mobile Linux desktops. Quite good fun, especially the Bosphorus cruise!

2707518501_65b3625291_s.jpg 2707523669_1d6d1521f0_s.jpg 2707534739_dc353a65a5_s.jpg 2708386318_7170c9ff0b_s.jpg 2707594275_e7037205a8_s.jpg

After the conference we continued vacationing in south Turkey, scootering to the ruins of Ephesus and taking a yacht cruise from Fethiye to Olympos.

2708476292_b72c8f07a7_s.jpg 2707723119_a7008dbdc1_s.jpg 2707819117_25cebba3ea_s.jpg 2707853167_48597be5e9_s.jpg 2708621916_18e17ebcef_s.jpg

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