New site version online

The version 5.0 of Bergie’s site is now available in

I have now published a new version of my personal Web site. The reason for the renewal was to make the site lighter, more elegant in (technical aspects of) design and less demanding in rate of content updates.

For me, it has been an accepted fact for some time now that I don’t really have time for keeping my site up to date. Because of this, I saw it reasonable to make the site structure simpler so that not much content would be needed.

I have some plans on content additions, however, so prossibly this site will grow a bit from these current foundations in near future.

This version of my site uses some newer Web standards extensively (including XHTML, CSS and PNG), and so some buggier browsers may have problems rendering it correctly. The Netscape and IE 4.x series will probably show the site in very strange outlook, while the older browsers will show it in a simple text mode. If you want to view it as it was intended, try out a recent release of Mozilla.

I’ll still keep the old site running for some time. If you want to see it, you’ll find it from