Cars and commuting

Arttu from Protie is analyzing his car habit. Up comes the environmental aspect:

Since last summer I have been sliding more and more back to my old self. I became much less concerned of this world; started consuming more since I earned much more, bought a car and instead of using my feet, a bike or public transportation (which in capital area of Finland works extremely well), I started - again - to let myself be away of this moment in a dreamy state.

And the stress aspect:

When I am in a bus, I can meditate if I wish. I can wander in my thoughts or just be. I can fully concentrate on the moment and watch out my mind from drifting.

One more reason for me not to drive to work is that my stress level goes down this way. First of all, driving is still stressing while there is other traffic - and there always is. Second, when sitting in the bus, when waiting for the bus or when walking in between bus stops I am usually just relaxing and enjoying the moment.

I notice those beautiful icicles, I stop to enjoy the spring sun. I see the beauty of a single snow-flake, I enjoy the cold wind on my face. This is heavily connected to me being here, and me noticing all the beauty in even very unexpected places.

These reasons are quite close to why I’m also happy commuting using public transport. Of course, schedules being tight this often means a taxi but still at least the latter point is valid.

In summers I commute by motorbike, but that has nothing to do with ecology and everything to do with fun. In heavy traffic it can save much time too.