Paska-G's Sprint Rally

The rally will start tomorrow from Helsinki and hopefully end up to Hammerfest, Norway, near the North Cape. Of course, with such cars nothing will be certain.

Our car, dubbed Muerte Despacio is a black eighties Fiat Uno. We painted the car yesterday, with the Paska-G logo, red stripes, flowers and flames (courtesy of Kerttu).

If the car holds up, we should be back around sunday. But before that there should be a reasonable number of adventures, poetry in west Finland and swim in the Arctic ocean.

Each car's team will be maintaining a travel log via SMS:
The SMS gateway has shown a tendency of crashing, but Kaukola has promised to monitor it over the weekend. Thanks!

At the time of writing, weather is +6C in Hammerfest. You can monitor it with this:
Helsinki weather Hammerfest weather

Updated 2004-06-14 11:06: The Sprint ended yesterday. We won. When the SMS gateway worked it was very cool, but there were some stability issues.