A year ago: Orange Revolution

A year ago, I spent a Weekend in Ukraine and saw the Orange Revolution begin:

We caught the first signs of the unrest in sunday evening. All ATMs had been emptied of cash and marked squares were filled with muttering groups in their fur hats. In the opera an old woman asked from us with tears in her eyes why we had come there in such sad times.

Next morning I escorted the girls to the railway station and airport at 6 am, early enough to avoid most of the demonstrations. When I returned to the center they had already started. The hotel keeper pointed out to the Rynok square and commented laconically: “Revoluzija”. I decided to take a closer look, and spent next hours in an old Austrian-style cafe overlooking the Svoboda street where most of the supporters of the opposition candidate, Yushchenko were gathered.

Early Orange Revolution demonstrations in Lviv

Ukraine marks the anniversary of the revolution today.