On USB fingers and world news

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Week and half ago I posted a story on Jerry's USB finger. While obviously we all thought the idea of replacing a lost finger with USB storage was cool in a cyberpunk way, we still felt it was old news as all had happened around last summer. And so, the worldwide interest around it took us by quite a surprise. The story was an all major news websites, and even on radio morning shows.

The wave of attention, as shown by Google Analytics fits Morgan Stanley's media coverage graph reasonably well:

Visits to the "USB finger" story

First the story was picked up by Digg, then gadget sites Gizmodo and Engadget. Second attention peak came from Slashdot and Boing Boing, and after that there was the long tail of mainstream media followed by smaller local newspapers and websites:

Google News showing USB finger stories

A week after the post Jerry was visiting our office to do integration testing for a project and the media circus was running at its hottest. His phone, and even mine were ringing quite often, with interview requests ranging from Indian radio stations to Channel 4 News and Reuters. Will be interesting to see how much longer the attention stays on when the story hits the TV networks next week.

Never underestimate what a single blog post can initiate!