New outlook for Wolves

A vision of Harmaasudet new publicity campaign and how I got it.

It has been a nice and warm summer day. One during which there is no way for any kind of office working to be justified. But still, as matters are, sometimes still work matters get over personal preferences and so I find myself again sitting in the office. Luckily the sun has gone down ages ago and so catching up some work doesn’t feel that bad.

During daytime I tried several times getting into my job but the weather was simply too nice, and so I found myself sitting in a park, pondering some design matters and taking a nap. And that was actually good. While sleeping there on the lawn, my head collided with a vision. A vision of how Grey Wolves will handle their announcing and publicity stuff from now on. First way to express this was to redesign the cards the wolf officials were getting soon. And so I did.

But after that, work finally started calling me. And now, here I sit, in middle of the night, hoping that I will learn the making of Active Server Pages before dawn.