Happy new year!

Happy new year to everybody, especially in the Midgard community! I was going to post something about how the Midgard world will look like in 2005, but Kaukola got ahead of me. This year has been a very good one for the project, and the next promises even greater advances and exciting new technologies.

There are also looks at PHP in 2004 and in 2005. The look back for the Midgard community was posted already in May in preparation for the 5th anniversary of the project.

But anyway, please enjoy the new year celebrations! While this fireworks picture is from the summer it should still depict the mood:

We spent the last new year in Клуб Fireball, St. Petersburg. This year will be more traditionally in Ravintola Ateljé.

Updated 2005-01-01: We had a good time in Ateljé, with drinks, cigars, board games and a big group of friends. Thanks to everybody for attending!

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...and in the morning we went with Kerttu to Cafe Ursula on the Kaivopuisto shore to watch sunlight play on the winter sea.

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