Let your Qaiku be heard across Twitter and Facebook

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Qaiku is the new conversation-oriented microblog that many former Jaiku users are migrating to. While the team is still working on APIs and other features, it is already possible to pipe your qaikus to other social services like Twitter and Facebook. This blog entry will show you how.

The first step is to register to ping.fm, a service that can post your microblogs to a large number of different social web services:

Ping.fm: Post to different microblogs

After registering, add the credentials to whatever sites you want ping.fm to post to:

Ping.fm: Add services

Then go back to Qaiku and get the Atom feed address of your posts:

Qaiku: get your feed address

...and sign up with your OpenID account to Twitterfeed, and add your feed address and ping.fm credentials:

Twitterfeed: Add Qaiku feed

After this, your Qaikus should start appearing in the other microblogs. This way, my friends on Twitter, Identi.ca and Facebook can easily follow what I'm up to!

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