Planets and Reading Lists

My full weblog is aggregated to Planet Midgard, Summer Source Blogs and Midgard developers on OSCOM.

In addition to aggregating all posts, the Midgard category is aggregated to Planet PHP, the Business category to Linux Greenhouse Blogs and the OSCOM category to Planet OSCOM. OpenPSA News are generated from my OpenPSA category.

These aggregators combined with people reading the weblog with news readers has ensured that RSS is by far the most popular way of accessing my website.

RSS is also my main method of accessing news and weblog postings. Currently my NetNewsWire Lite is following 83 different news feeds, mainly from the technical and web design communities.

I've now made my subscription list public in OPML format. This file can be imported into a news reader to get started with a good set of web and CMS related subscriptions.