A Real Sunday

The Sailor's pub, situated in the trendy Herttoniemenranta suburb was a very good choice. We were able to sit in sunshine and watch the boats in the harbour, while enjoying our H.Uppmanns. Before going to the pub I also got to see my friend's new Fabarm shotgun.

After the pub visit there was time for cruising leisurely in the suburbs. I eventually ended up watching some aircraft landings at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and then the exhibitions at the Finnish Aviation Museum.

The museum visit was very nice, with lots of nostalgic planes and photos from the pioneering era of aviation, and the second world war. I was the only customer and it was interesting to wander in the huge, quiet halls filled with all kinds of airplanes.

Having seen the museum, I continued my sunday cruise to the twisty backroads of Vantaa. After some enjoyable riding it was time to return back to Helsinki, and enjoy ice cream in the Seurasaari open air museum.

To complete the picture, I'm going next to the Tennispalatsi megaplex to see if any tickets are available to to premiere of Kill Bill vol. 2, and maybe watch Starsky & Hutch.

Some pictures from the ride are on the Routa MC site.