Website ideas

Odd thoughts about my website.

As a mean of avoiding work, I made an overview of my own web site. And noticed: Just like shoemaker’s children have no shoes (Finnish phrase which I guess didn’t translate too well. I’ll try to think an equivalent for it in English… someday), likewise a web designer seldomly has an up to date personal web site.

This brought up some interesting questions over why anyway have a personal site. My answer to this one was, that a web site was needed anyway for my personal Midgard program. And so, this old site of mine could as well come into use in that.

But now that I’ve decided to keep this site, what to do with it? The outlook is crappy. The text is barely readable, and even that with good display settings, the actual content or message is nil and so on. To put it short: The site is meaningless and server no purpose whatsoever.

But still. I kinda like it. And so, what about keeping the outlook the same, but just porting it to work under Midgard, which could even severely enhance the functionality. And then just write content. Why not. I’ll promise to try at least, but the future shall show whether I succeed or not.

Random thought:

Has anyone else noticed that the more I work, the more I actually spend time on writing imcomprehensible messages like this everywhere, or is it just me? Just somehow I feel that I send more SMS, email and web stuff out in a normal workday now than I used to do in a week back when I was unemployed. Odd, is it not?