Part-time Istanbullu

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Leander's Tower by night

A thousand years ago, men from my lands traveled here in search of opportunities and adventure. Now, due to intercontinental relationships and working permits, I follow their footsteps.

While Istanbul didn't score perfectly in Monocle's Quality of Life index, I still find it a quite appealing place for a web worker. The lifestyle is more relaxed than in the north, WiFi-equipped cafes are everywhere, food is good, and the old city and Bosporus are absolutely beautiful.

Tophane mosque at night

Web working while running a consultancy in Helsinki is not the easiest thing to do, but with some new processes, and new tools I think we may be able to cope. The main thing is to learn using telepresence tools better than we do now.

At least the web working test run I did in London earlier this month felt very productive. Now the plan is to split my time between Helsinki and Istanbul, and of course the mandatory conference trips. This all will be challenging for regular project work, and so good web working tips will be appreciated!

Webworking in Miscafe, Besiktas

But in any case, my reasons for being in Istanbul go far beyond mere working environment and productivity...

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