Some site improvements

There have been some small improvements made for Bergie’s Web site.

I took again some time for updating my Web site. No actual content was changed, but some improvements were made to the site’s usability. Lite version

There is now a lighter layout version of the site available for readers using text-based browsers or just otherwise preferring structured documents without any extra fluff.

The new layout is my first step in recreating the site both layout and content-wise. I guess it is finally simple enough that I could go towards HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0 ‘strict’ DTD with it, but as some work remains with the content parts, I still keep it as ‘transitional’

The new site version contains exactly the same content as the heavier (and default) one, thanks to Midgard’s excellent inherited Style system.

You can find the site online at, but I will also build automatic redirection for some browsers (like Lynx) when I have time. Site is now searchable

I also have now set up a search system for my site. The search backend works on the ht://Dig package, for which Midgard functions as a Web frontend.

The search index updates automatically every night. Go check the search page!