Back from Poland

We drove to Poland following E67, the Via Baltica. I've now driven the road in three summers, and the improvements are quite visible. Roads are getting better all the time, and now that the Baltic countries are in EU border checks were a breeze. Another big improvement is in credit card acceptance. Visa was accepted everywhere in Baltic countries so we didn't have to withdraw any local currency.

The actual Midgard developer meeting started in friday afternoon, and continued until sunday. There was much piwo and good discussion. Especially Alexander's Ragnaroek presentation was impressive. Hopefully he will finish the white paper based on session notes soon. We also enjoyed some Cuban cigars to celebrate Kaukola's graduation. The local restaurants like Sphinx and Ali Baba were quite nice. Poland is certainly the place to go for eating ;-)

Poznan had a very nice looking old city, but unfortunately there was little time for tourism. Maybe in June, if a project proposal works out.

On the return trip we picked up Luihu from Berlin and drove 22 hours straight to Stockholm. From there we took the Midgard-powered ferry back to Helsinki. Sauna on the ferry was excellent medicine for aching muscles from the long drive. The Land Rover worked again quite well as a road trip vehicle, despite having to change a tyre in Denmark at 5am.

Some photos are available on the Midgard site.