Attacks on Tyr

Our server was cracked a while ago.

If you are wondering possible connection problems you have been experiencing with this server, they have been caused by us having to shut down some of our network services because of several cracking attempts at our system.

The latest happened yesterday, as a cracker got through a security bug in our name server, and was able to get himself a root shell.

Luckily I happened to be around, noticed the intruder and killed his connection. So no actual harm was done. This time.

However, if similar problems persist, we may have to shut down more of our network services in order to minimize our security risks. Steps have already been taken in order to achieve this in the course of next few months. Sad it is, but it has to be done.

On the brighter side, this got me and Yaroslav thinking again about implementing the “deathmatch” server we have been talking about for almost year now. It would be a normal Linux server, that would solely be used for our server administration training. There we would try to crack ourselves into the system all the while killing all other users off it.

Sounds like fun, eh?