Meme: Ten years

Ten years ago, 1998

  1. Started my first "real job" as a site building in an ad agency
  2. Moved out of the commune
  3. We were running already the first production Midgard site
  4. Was in process of handing Harmaasudet over. By spring 1999 I would be out

Five years ago, 2003

  1. Did my first motorcycle trip to Russia
  2. Co-organized a very nice conference in the Harvard university
  3. The relationship started in 1998 ended
  4. Had been running my own business for two years, and it was finally cash-positive

Three years ago, 2005

  1. Learned to fly
  2. Spent the summer holiday on a Viking ship in Russia
  3. Visited Rome, Brazil and the cave city of Vardzia for the first time
  4. Had a cat

Year ago, 2007

  1. Released my first mobile application
  2. Changed homes and motorcycles
  3. Got robbed twice, for a total of about 15,000 EUR
  4. The company got an AAA credit rating

This year so far

  1. Got black belt in Haedong Kumdo, a Korean sword art
  2. Moved partially to Istanbul, and then didn't
  3. Saw Midgard2 finally become a reality
  4. Did not motorcycle or fly almost at all, but traveled quite a lot


  1. Recovered from the Midgard Gathering
  2. Returned the rented white tie suit
  3. Did some customer support duty


  1. Upgraded some Midgard servers to Ragnaroek, with varying degrees of success
  2. Got my local development environment back up-and-running
  3. Missed two after-work meetings


  1. Will go to Haedong Kumdo after a long break
  2. Wear my black christmas hat for the first time this season
  3. Do some calendar digging for missing hour reports

Next year, 2009

  1. Get out of debt caused by the disasters of 2007
  2. Get back into the motorcycle adventurer mode
  3. Learn to sail on modern boats

Via Tiuku.