Going to Georgia this month

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Finnish-Georgian Midgard cooperation (logo by Ania Walczac)

I booked the tickets today for a Sep 22nd - Oct 3rd visit to Nemein Georgia in Tbilisi. The purpose of the trip is to help Taya with MidCOM site building and hopefully persuade some Georgian ISPs to host Midgard CMS.

In addition to the serious part of the trip, I’m really looking forward for spending some time in the country. We had lots of fun the last time, and this should be good diversion especially after this summer’s missed trip.

This should also be a good chance to pick up some more Georgian language and excellent local wine. Thanks to Taya and Lasha for the invitation!

Updated 20:48Z: WikiMedia Commons has some beautiful 19th century photos by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii from Russia and the Caucasus region.