Bad taxi day

During the winter there is no motorcycling to be had, and so I use public transportation. To get to and from urgent meetings I usually take a taxi. The taxis in Helsinki region are usually very nice and high-techy. The drivers use a moving map GPS systems for orienteering, and the taxis can be called via SMS.

The SMS ordering system is very nice because it bypasses the long queues in the taxi center and go directly to the cars. When a driver takes a job you get the an SMS notification with the car number. To order a taxi, send an SMS to number 13170 containing:

Espoo Sepetlahdentie 9

This is all very nice. However, today has not been a good taxi day.

  • The first cab driver of the day was visibly drunk, and the whole car stank of old booze
  • The second driver drove cheerfully past Rambo and I when we were waiting on the parking lot, and kept driving away from us every time we walked towards it
  • ...and finally, the third driver arrived 15 minutes late and needed constant advice to avoid getting lost in the city

Oh well, now on to the flight instrument training that is part of FCF's PPL(A) theory course.

In the other news, Midgard CMS got a new WYSIWYG editor alternative thanks to Nico Kaiser. TinyMCE looks very promising, especially with the integrated XHTML and CSS support. I installed Nico's patch to my test server, and it works quite well although configuration interface is still missing. Thanks, Nico!