Writing a CV

Bergie takes time to finally write his CV.

I was asked again for my CV a few days back, and I decided that it would really be time to write one.

As I’ve never really written one, it was, at first, time to do a little background research. My mother once showed me her CV, and that was a good place to start, trying to remember how it was written.

But as my memories of that proved insufficient, it was time for the Internet Age to step in. I pointed my browser to Altavista, and eager to finally check out the Ask Altavista service, I phrased a question on writing a CV.

Not surprisingly, Altavista was able to come out with an answer. I was pointed to JobSmart, the California Job Search Guide, which contained excessive amounts of information on how a CV should be written. If you are interested, you can check their Resumes page.

So, armed with a host of example resumes and helpful tips, I started tracking down my past jobs and other points needed for the CV.

And. After an industrial half-hour, I came out with a CV in finnish, with english version in planning.