Journey with a sown ship

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2005-06-27 17:45Z: Anchored for the night at N61.49,45 E36.06,73. We have made a tent out of the sail and wait on river Vodla for the forecasted SE wind.

Sail tent

2005-06-28 06:25Z: As forecasted, the wind turned in the morning. After a few miles of rowing, we’re finally under sail in a small rain.

2005-06-28 10:45Z: When the headwind died we were able to row out of the river. Now we’ll head slowly into north towards Povenets

Rowing down the Vodla river

2005-06-28 16:55Z: We’ve covered 32km during the evening sailing and plan to continue overnight before wind turns against us. Pos N62,03 S35,38

2005-06-29 06:50Z: The night’s sailing has been succesful, and now when the wind died we float near the north end of Onega.

Shnjaka sailing

2005-06-29 12:05Z: During the day the wind died and we’ve been floating and cooking food on Povenets bay 29km from city. Disturbing thunder in the south.

2005-06-29 14:30Z: After rowing out of the rain we caught a brisk north wind carrying us towards the mouth of Stalin’s channel. Position N62.42’ E35.05’

2005-06-29 15:05Z: When a boat of locals came to check us out, our old believer (Staroverts) Feodosi told them we’re tatars sailing north from Astrakhan.

2005-06-29 16:45Z: Povenets in sight. An impregnable wall of dragon-shaped rainclouds speed at us from south and a big fishing boat came to check us out.

Sailing in rain

2005-06-29 20:00Z: We’re now anchored in Povenets right next to the mouth of the White Sea - Baltic channel (Belomorkanal). Fredrik will camp on the shore. Pos N62.50,10’ E 34.50,07’

2005-06-30 10:10Z: We need to be towed through the Stalin’s channel and arranging that will take some days, so I’ll leave the ship here and head home.

Belomorkanal gates

2005-06-30 10:30Z: Before departure we need to get Fredrik’s moped out and the strong north wind prevents us from rowing ashore.

2005-06-30 10:30Z: The trip on Shnjaka has been a very rewarding one. I doubt if similar ships have sailed here since Viking raids a thousand years ago.

2005-06-30 14:25Z: Povenets was the east frontier of the WW2 Great Finland. I’m looking for a ride to Medvezhegorsk, thus ending the Viking adventure.

Fredrik and the moped in Medvezhegorsk

2005-06-30 21:40Z: The lady at the railway station was most helpful, arranging me tickets in the sold out St. Petersburg train and allowing me to recharge.

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