Henri Bergius - Midgard posts

  1. GuvScale - Autoscaling for Heroku worker dynos
  2. The Grid: Web Design by Artificial Intelligence
  3. Nemein has a new home
  4. Why did I reimplement Jekyll using NoFlo
  5. My interview on the origins of NoFlo
  6. The mobile-first Web
  7. Automated linking with rich text editors
  8. Why WordPress needs to get Decoupled
  9. Create.js in 2013
  10. Interview: Create.js and VIE in CMSs
  11. TYPO3 Neos and Create.js
  12. Internet as your application blueprint
  13. Midgard 12.09 Gjallarhorn
  14. Making Create.js more international
  15. Better collections with Create.js
  16. Drupal and cross-CMS collaboration
  17. A history of Midgard visuals
  18. Modernizing MidCOM
  19. Create.js hackathon in Berlin
  20. Video: Decoupling Content Management
  21. Create.js Update: Documentation, Hackathon, DrupalCon
  22. Never lose content
  23. Notes from Symfony Live 2012
  24. Running Symfony CMF with Midgard2
  25. Using Composer to manage dependencies in Heroku PHP apps
  26. Decoupled Content Management on tour
  27. Open Advice
  28. VIE and Create: an update
  29. CreateJS is moving forward
  30. Midgard2 PHPCR provider hits 1.0
  31. Composer solves the PHP code-sharing problem
  32. DNode: Make PHP and Node.js talk to each other
  33. VIE 2.0 is starting to emerge
  34. GObject Introspection is coming to Node.js
  35. Embrace and extend
  36. Nemein and Infigo merge to create a digital agency focused on web and mobile
  37. Flow-based programming for PHP
  38. Symfony2 for Midgard Developers
  39. Some notes from Desktop Summit 2011
  40. Desktop Summit, and some thoughts on Flow-Based Programming
  41. Midgard in the Symfony2 world
  42. PHP and GObject Introspection
  43. My secret agenda for PHP Content Management Systems
  44. Midgard Create and VIE in the Aloha Editor conference
  45. Want to do something similar to PostRank?
  46. Going to San Francisco
  47. PHP can perform better than Node.js
  48. Silex is like ExpressJS for PHP
  49. Join the PHP Content Repository Workshop on May 8th
  50. PHP Content Repository - the other part of CMS decoupling
  51. The beginning of a JavaScript journey
  52. Calculate the impact of your posts
  53. On cross-project collaboration
  54. VIE - Decoupled content management moves forward
  55. Event-driven programming with PHP5 and Midgard2
  56. Introducing the Midgard Create user interface
  57. Ten years of Nemein
  58. GObject Introspection is coming to PHP
  59. Decoupling Content Management
  60. Switched the Midgard Create CMS interface to use backbone.js
  61. Literate programming with PHP
  62. WSGI for Python
  63. Join the IKS Semantic Editing hackathon in February
  64. Midgard in 2010
  65. Stop using SQL, then
  66. Get a preview of the next Midgard content repository
  67. Using RDFa to make a web page editable
  68. Why make your projects properly open? Sustainability
  69. PHP: Finally getting an ecosystem?
  70. Midgard2 Content Repository library is now in Debian
  71. Help testing the OpenPSA business suite
  72. Midgard Gathering in Gothenburg IT University
  73. MVC without the M
  74. Towards the geotagged web
  75. My interview at dot KDE
  76. Aloha and the art of semantic web content
  77. IKS Semantic Editor hackathon in Helsinki on July 26-27
  78. Recent performance improvements for Midgard 8.09
  79. Meet Midgard and GeoClue in aKademy 2010
  80. Midgard Runtime brings our web framework to the desktop
  81. Midgard release names: 1999 to 2010
  82. First year of IKS for Midgard
  83. Midgard2 has moved to GitHub
  84. Notes from my first Ubuntu Developer Summit
  85. Ratatoskr is out: Midgard2 Content Repository goes LTS
  86. Future directions for Midgard
  87. Content repositories: SQL or NoSQL?
  88. Easier templating for Midgard 8.09
  89. Getting started with the Midgard content repository
  90. First year of Qaiku, and a travel writing challenge
  91. CMS Watch on their Midgard usage
  92. Register and log into meego.com using your maemo.org account
  93. Going to the Bossa Conference
  94. Halti.com provides contextual product recommendations
  95. Direct manipulation interfaces
  96. Midgard in 2009
  97. Easy user location with Midgard
  98. Using MidCOM3 with FirePHP
  99. What is a content repository
  100. Raise the hammer! Midgard2 Mjolnir goes live
  101. In defence of URLs and the Open Web
  102. Midgard Weekly Summaries are back
  103. Fall conference schedule
  104. Content management starts with the repository
  105. How Midgard and Midgard2 differ
  106. Content repository talk in FrOSCon
  107. Will content repositories kill the file?
  108. Why you should use a content repository for your application
  109. CouchDb and Midgard talking with each other
  110. Software patents are silly
  111. Ragnaland is coming
  112. Contribute your Maemo ideas via Brainstorm
  113. Tomboy web synchronization, Conboy and Midgard
  114. IKS assembly and requirements workshop
  115. Google's Rich Snippets will lead us into Semantic Web
  116. First ten years of Midgard
  117. Learn about Midgard2, GeoClue and libchamplain in GUADEC 2009
  118. Midgard2 stable: Generic content repository for web, desktop and mobile
  119. Oracle Sun acquisition: time to think about a content repository?
  120. Situational devices and synchronization
  121. Eight best Midgard2 posts
  122. Turn Internet trash into money with ReFuel
  123. Come to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Midgard Project
  124. Midgard Gathering 2009 in Linköping
  125. Midgard and the CMS reality checklist
  126. We're joining the Qaiku project
  127. Let your Qaiku be heard across Twitter and Facebook
  128. Microblogging: why Qaiku might do what Twitter and Brightkite didn't
  129. Free desktop and the cloud
  130. Search engines have an important role in Semantic Web
  131. Debian 5.0 "Lenny" released
  132. Midgard and JCR: a look at two content repositories
  133. Starting the Interactive Knowledge project
  134. See Midgard and GeoClue in FOSDEM
  135. Midgard in 2008
  136. Midgard: now with spam filtering
  137. Acting on HTTP errors
  138. Maemo.org goes Ragnaroek
  139. Nemein is going to Ubuntu Server
  140. Midgard Gathering 2008
  141. Midgard: benefits of synchronized releases
  142. Midgard and content filtering
  143. Some talking points for the Midgard Gathering
  144. On Vikings and Free Software
  145. LinkedIn Applications: automatic data into your resume
  146. Midgard2 at FSCONS: Your data, everywhere
  147. Real-world example of a free software project handover
  148. Learn more about Midgard in FSCONS
  149. Long-Term Support for Midgard: Ragnaroek is here!
  150. Where will desktop applications and web services meet?
  151. Ragnaroek is coming
  152. Freedom Fry on GNU's 25th anniversary
  153. MidCOM 3 and context injectors
  154. Some thoughts on green programming, PHP, Midgard and simplicity
  155. Midgard to go Vala?
  156. Part-time Istanbullu
  157. Some notes from FrOSCon 2008
  158. Using Yahoo! Fire Eagle with Midgard
  159. Finding out available MidCOM routes
  160. Feature branches in Midgard development with git
  161. Neutron Protocol: Separating UI from the CMS
  162. Midgard and synchronized releases
  163. Conferences this fall
  164. New profile pages on maemo.org
  165. Midgard2: Future in the clouds
  166. Midgard releases and marketing
  167. MidCOM 3 and built-in WebDAV
  168. Big Midgard release day
  169. Document locking hits MidCOM 2.8
  170. Midgard 2: more than just PHP, more than just CMS
  171. SQL-level debugging with Midgard
  172. Midgard 2: Finally legacy-free
  173. GitHub for MidCOM 3 developers
  174. Interprocess communications in Midgard: D-Bus comes to the web
  175. Beyond Google Maps: Mapstraction is a good starting point
  176. MidCOM 3 at a glance
  177. Semantic web is here: Yahoo! and microformats
  178. Some Midgard roadmapping
  179. Yahoo! Fire Eagle knows where my phone moves
  180. Midgard 2.0 goes alpha
  181. XMPP publish/subscribe for Midgard and Ajatus replication
  182. Midgard developers in Linköping
  183. Maemo and Midgard go well together
  184. Conferences this spring
  185. Some plans for MidCOM 3
  186. Consolidating your online identity
  187. The Nemein team on a map
  188. Sun acquires MySQL
  189. New moderation UI in Midgard discussion forum
  190. TKK goes Midgard
  191. Calculating attention with Midgard
  192. Putting Attention to Midgard
  193. Embedding simple PHP scripts in Midgard
  194. Site structure planning with WriteMaps
  195. Yubikey - simple approach to authentication tokens
  196. VectorMagic: convert bitmaps to vector online
  197. MidCOM content cache rides again
  198. Midgard and the Law of Karma
  199. Asgard welcome page just got useful
  200. Midgard and HTML Purifier
  201. Undeletion in Midgard
  202. Midgard does the Tango
  203. New user management tool for Midgard
  204. Sometimes a thumbs down is needed
  205. jQuery and CouchDB
  206. Web CMSs: what does Midgard do?
  207. Position editing widget for Midgard
  208. Creation mode for Midgard's chooser widget
  209. Some notes from MidCOM performance workshop
  210. Midgard supports OpenID
  211. Introduction to Midgard's database abstraction system
  212. Speaking in FrOSCon PHP room
  213. Join the MidCOM Performance Sprint on August 30th
  214. Maemo Social News launched
  215. Next Midgard will be PHP5 only
  216. Nicer code editing in Asgard
  217. Calculating news item relevance
  218. Maps in Midgard, abstracted
  219. Midgard and international URL transliteration
  220. Making Midgard Wiki easier
  221. Midgard uses Trac now
  222. Welcome to the new server
  223. Midgard Weekly Summary #74: May 11th 2007
  224. Building a new admin interface for Midgard
  225. Two new Midgard sites: Maemo and Mupe
  226. Midgard Weekly Summary #73: April 27th 2007
  227. Conferences this summer
  228. Updates to the Midgard roadmap
  229. Midgard Weekly Summary #72: April 13th 2007
  230. More work on Midgard's replication service
  231. Midgard Weekly Summary #71: April 5th 2007
  232. The old offline vs. online debate
  233. Midgard - managing free software project as a joint venture
  234. Bunch of Midgard tutorials appearing
  235. Midgard Weekly Summary #70: March 23rd 2007
  236. Midgard and the Finnish parliamentary election
  237. Midgard Weekly Summary #69: March 8th 2007
  238. Midgard Weekly Summary #68: March 2nd 2007
  239. Midgard and geotagging via email
  240. Midgard Weekly Summary #67: February 23rd 2007
  241. OSCMS Summit: Manage your personal information space with Midgard
  242. For a collaborative MWS
  243. This bunny talks Midgard
  244. Midgard and Flickr
  245. Preview of Midgard's new on-site template editor
  246. Quick and dirty MidCOM caching with Cache_Lite
  247. Welcome to my new blog
  248. Looking for a junior PHP/Midgard consultant
  249. Midgard developer meeting, winter 2007
  250. Midgard replication service starts to shape up
  251. Getting started with Microformats
  252. Resource bookings with Midgard
  253. Nokia's new N800 Linux Tablet
  254. Midgard in 2007: the year of the web developer
  255. What is happening in MidCOM 2.7
  256. More photo backlog
  257. Clearing the photo backlog
  258. Solving logistics of Mamona
  259. Trying out Maemo Blog
  260. State of the art
  261. gnome.org will run Plone
  262. Contact management in semantic web
  263. Be liberal with input, strict with output
  264. Midgard 2 time
  265. Maemo is migrating to Midgard
  266. How much is your Midgard worth?
  267. Managing Changes in Collaborative Innovation Networks
  268. Talk about response times
  269. Midgard's new tagging library
  270. Optimizing the latest MidCOM
  271. Today is the OneWebDay
  272. New feed aggregator for Midgard
  273. New component selection view for MidCOM
  274. New login screen for Midgard
  275. We need public access to Geodata in Europe
  276. Return of the Moblog
  277. Page styling and Datamanager schemas
  278. Midgard needs a Jabber plan
  279. Benefiting from the GLib core
  280. Switching to Intel MacBook
  281. OpenPsa sources moved to Subversion
  282. MidCOM on PHP5, finally
  283. Big changes in the MidCOM project
  284. Help GNOME choose its CMS
  285. Back on duty
  286. Synchronization and the Free Software Desktop in GUADEC
  287. CMS Watch: Midgard keeps chugging along
  288. The Midgard Position
  289. Changing schemas on the fly
  290. Midgard Developer Meeting in Komorniki
  291. Navigation items and redirection
  292. Make your site Growl
  293. MidCOM's new ACL editor released
  294. Midgard2 is becoming reality
  295. Midgard's new toolbar
  296. Midgard for Mac
  297. Thinking about GUADEC
  298. From mailing lists to forums
  299. Performance tips for MidCOM 2.5
  300. MidCOM PEAR channel upgraded
  301. In EclipseCon 2006
  302. Why are we going to EclipseCon
  303. MidCOM PEAR channel not working with PEAR 1.4.7
  304. The doubtful future of OSCOM
  305. MidCOM and browser cache
  306. EclipseCon preparations
  307. Going to California and Brazil
  308. Get MidCOM from a PEAR channel
  309. MidCOM PEAR 1.4 packaging works
  310. Midgard Wiki rewritten
  311. Happy New Year, and a look back at 2005
  312. Looking at the PHP workflow options
  313. Intellectual Property and the Open Source Business
  314. PEAR packager tries to be too smart
  315. Midgard's new style engine
  316. Web trends for 2006
  317. Midgard, prefetching and the style engine
  318. Midgard for media agencies
  319. Midgard slides from Curitiba
  320. Midgard and style's attachments
  321. Pyhä-Luosto goes Midgard CMS
  322. Going to Fórum GNOME
  323. Tango - shared UI style for the web
  324. Does it make the planes fly?
  325. Sketch your website with DENIM
  326. Interested in the Zend PHP Framework
  327. Finnish Midgard slides from friday
  328. If your Apache ever runs out of semaphores...
  329. Midgard meeting in Linköping
  330. New event calendar for MidCOM
  331. PHP memory problems on Apache 2
  332. Midgard in the mountains: Trip to Georgia
  333. Why web designers need a CMS
  334. MidCOM and content update notifications
  335. CMS Watch Kudos of 2005
  336. Posting pictures from iPhoto to Midgard
  337. More about positioning on the web
  338. Midgard on OS X is rolling
  339. Minor development setback
  340. Kubrick layout for Midgard CMS
  341. First look at the new AIS
  342. Midgard Wiki doing fine
  343. Mapping the Midgard community
  344. RSS feed creator library for MidCOM
  345. Midgard wiki now available
  346. The trouble with Frameworks
  347. Repligard, your days are numbered
  348. HTML Tidy integrated into MidCOM
  349. Contact display widget for MidCOM
  350. Things happening last May
  351. Itse Valtiaat website launched
  352. Packaging MidCOM with PEAR
  353. MidCOM is becoming the default API
  354. Hour approval component for MidCOM
  355. Notes from the Russian Open Source Forum
  356. Going to Russian Open Source Forum
  357. Sunday Notes from MgdSchema Workshop
  358. Nemein expands to Caucasus
  359. Incompetence at German embassy in Tbilisi (updated)
  360. Creating reusable styles for Midgard
  361. Second day of Nonprofit Technology Conference
  362. First day of Nonprofit Technology Conference
  363. Clarifying datagard
  364. MidCOM indexer setup notes
  365. MidCOM search engine in production
  366. Markdown support for Midgard
  367. Design new MidCOM UI - Win an iPod Mini
  368. Easier handling of CSS with MidCOM
  369. Multilingual MidCOM sites
  370. Enabling PermaLink autodetection
  371. Jukka back from hiatus, JCR for Midgard
  372. Revised discussion forum for Midgard
  373. Site creation wizard runs
  374. Midgard site creation wizard
  375. Adding categories to a Midgard blog
  376. Midgard as the modern-day Hansa
  377. Midgard will have integrated search
  378. Gotchas for new Midgardians
  379. Creating custom navigation with MidCOM
  380. Comparing Midgard and WordPress
  381. Adding location awareness to blogs
  382. Midgard's aggregator now supports multiple encodings
  383. Two new Midgard buttons
  384. Getting closer to Windows
  385. Filesystem-enabled MidCOM-template now available
  386. Project GNOMEgard
  387. Why do we need MgdSchema?
  388. The connected gathering
  389. Some MgdSchema notes
  390. New look at NemeinQuiz
  391. Talking points for the Midgard Gathering
  392. Filesystem MidCOM going strong
  393. Midgard 1.6: Power, Flexibility, Out of the box
  394. Planet Midgard updates
  395. Standardized CSS layouts with Midgard
  396. New ways for Midgard coding
  397. Test install of Midgard 1.6.0rc2
  398. Minor Midgard Blogging Tool Updates
  399. Making Open Source Content Management Suck Less
  400. This is now Unicode
  401. Using Weblog Editors with Midgard CMS
  402. I'm Moblogging Now
  403. Endorsing MidCOM's Migration to File System
  404. Hunting a PHP segfault
  405. Midgard and UTF-8 Instructions
  406. MidCOM and HTTP Conditional GET
  407. Content Creation with SMS
  408. Success of WordPress: PHP vs. Java
  409. RSS Feed of Midgard-User Posts
  410. Indonesian Midgard Blog
  411. Style and Accessibility for HTML Forms
  412. Open Source Success Factors
  413. Midgard's 5th Anniversary - A Better Web for 5 Years
  414. Working with Build Buddy
  415. Dip in Midgard Usage
  416. JPEG hassles
  417. Accessible Forms with XHTML Labels
  418. Taking a Look at SpiderAdmin
  419. Open Source and Usability
  420. RSS as Business Notification Tool
  421. OSCOM's Wechner is One of CMS Leaders to Watch in 2004
  422. MidRepository hacking in OSCOM Sprint Zurich
  423. Midgard and Project UTF-8
  424. HKLC moves Aegir CMS to GPL licensing
  425. Workflow for Midgard
  426. Dublin Core metadata with CMFs
  427. 10 Best Features from Commercial CMS
  428. TownPortal: Bringing RSS to masses
  429. Open Source vs. Open Standards
  430. Why MidCOM rocks
  431. Too much free software
  432. NTLMSSP support added to Midgard
  433. Benchmarking Midgard performance
  434. Case study: Building the OSCOM site
  435. Midgard installfest on Aug 14th 2001
  436. Speaking engagements in May/June
  437. The Midgard Project turns one
  438. Midgard European tour
  439. Transcript from first Midgard IRC meeting
  440. Lack of updates
  441. Gettin' Stoned ;-)
  442. News back online
  443. Midgard launch