Henri Bergius

In late 90s I started one of the first open source Content Management Systems and built a business around it in Finland. I've also spoken in many technology conferences around the world -- from Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas. The company was acquired in 2014.

The NoFlo Flow-Based Programming project I created was the birth of Flowhub, and has inspired companies like Facebook to utilize FBP techniques in their products.

I've participated in several EU research efforts in the past. Interactive Knowledge Systems was a project to bring semantic technologies to mainline open source CMSs, where my team built Create.js, an inline editing toolkit based on RDF that was integrated in many products. In SmarcOS we built a set of sensors and user interfaces for smart offices centered around presence and task management.

I have worked on semantic web standards as an invited expert in W3C, and on open data and open source in the Finnish COSS industry group and FSFe.

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