Henri Bergius - Best posts

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  2. Sailing across the Atlantic
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  4. Building an Ingress Table with Flowhub
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  6. Flowhub
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  10. NoFlo: two years of flow-based programming
  11. Working on an Android tablet
  12. Thinking about the flow-based programming user interface
  13. Jolla's Sailfish OS
  14. On tablets and productivity
  15. A history of Midgard visuals
  16. The Dreams of the MeeGo Diaspora
  17. DNode: Make PHP and Node.js talk to each other
  18. Where is the future for openness in mobile?
  19. My secret agenda for PHP Content Management Systems
  20. Understanding MeeGo
  21. On cross-project collaboration
  22. The Universal Runtime
  23. Introducing the Midgard Create user interface
  24. Ten years of Nemein
  25. Decoupling Content Management
  26. Literate programming with PHP
  27. Using RDFa to make a web page editable
  28. Open Source? Free Software? What we need is Open Projects
  29. What is a content repository
  30. Got a mystery book
  31. Personal passions: motorcycle travel
  32. Fat Catherine: the Medieval cannon that microblogs
  33. When reality meets product concepts
  34. Free desktop and the cloud
  35. Summer of Code works
  36. Free software at work: OpenPsa2 is making a return
  37. Quality of Life: Helsinki gets good score
  38. The universal communicator
  39. Making public transport easier through open data
  40. African miracles
  41. An Afternoon with Old Technology
  42. Land of the Basuthu