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Tampere Experience

On friday we ate well in the Viking restaurant Harald, and enjoyed some beers in the Plevna microbrewery. Walking around in the Finlayson area of 19th century industrial architecture was also very nice.Unfortunately the Center party had their national convention in the city during the weekend, and we had trouble finding accommodation. With luck we were finally able to get...

Making Web Scripts Validate

When standards-conscious designers validate their XHTML and CSS templates, everything is nicely compliant up until the point where they start tying in the necessary automated systems like ad software, CMSes, or e-commerce apps. The tools then get in the way and code is needed to fix validation, but a lot of designers don’t code.

OpenPSA User Documentation Online

The most complete sections are Personnel, Projects and Sales.Whole OpenPSA documentation section is Open Content available under a Creative Commons license. using standards based web design methods.Hosting for the website is provided by our partner Finnish Teleservice Center. User training is handled by TMV-Vision.TMV-Vision has a news release in Finnish about the site launch.

Minor Blog Updates

Commenting was implemented with the net.nemein.discussion component using the methods described on Midgard site. Since I'm starting to get overwhelmed with spam, commenting my blog posts might be a good way to reach me.So far all commenters will only be identified as "Anonymous Poster". I might provide some friends later with their own accounts to make moderation easier.There have also...

OSCOM 4 Is Coming

The theme of OSCOM.4 is "Cross-Pollination". This will be a conference with assistance from the Apache Software Foundation for the ApacheTracks content. The Open Source content management community is rich and varied with many projects such as OpenCMS, Plone, Midgard, Cofax, Drupal, and many others. Almost all Open Source CMS rely on software from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and...

Berners-Lee Gets the Millenium Technology Prize

The honor, which is accompanied by one million euros, is bestowed by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation as an international acknowledgement of outstanding technological innovation that directly promotes people's quality of life, is based on humane values, and encourages sustainable economic development.
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Paska-G's Sprint is Over - We Won

Our main advantage in the rally were the tight, coordinated pit stops. The longest stop with refueling, refreshing the team and washing the windscreen took 2 minutes and 39 seconds. In total there were six gas breaks. Our black leather team clothes must also have helped in winning.The race was at its best when we had some very tight chase...

Paska-G's Sprint Rally

The rally will start tomorrow from Helsinki and hopefully end up to Hammerfest, Norway, near the North Cape. Of course, with such cars nothing will be certain. Our car, dubbed Muerte Despacio is a black eighties Fiat Uno. We painted the car yesterday, with the Paska-G logo, red stripes, flowers and flames (courtesy of Kerttu). If the car holds up,...

The Other Side of Pitkäsilta

Kallio is the "worker area" of Helsinki, with a very colorful reputation. It is also a very lively place, with its share of bars, public saunas and ethnic restaurants. Kallio is also the center of socialist 1st of may celebrations.The album has many snippets of information on Kallio in Finnish, and features old photos from beginning on 20th century, with...