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Positioning a Consultancy on the Web

While it’s tempting to project a grandiose image of being a large multi-faceted company which is internationally sought-after, the problem with doing so is that you miss out on a lot of smaller work since it’s assumed you’re too expensive. If you are in fact a large company, the smaller work might be of little concern. If you’re not and...

Success of WordPress: PHP vs. Java

One reason is that PHP provides a lightweight way of building efficient web applications. Russel Beattie writes: Once again I ask - why is Java web programming not keeping up? Why are Java web projects so bloated (I've got 5+MB of .jar files in my current web project and I think more are coming). Why are the pages so difficult...

RSS Feed of Midgard-User Posts

The RSS feed is courtesy of the Midgard-User Yahoo! Group.Direct URL to the Midgard-User RSS feed is: to Dave Winer for notifying that Yahoo! Groups now provide RSS feeds for all public group discussion lists.

Spread of the Creative Commons

To celebrate these developments, my website is now available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license 2.0. This can be identified in the "Some rights reserved" link in bottom of each page, and in machine-readable RDF metadata included in the pages. At least the mocCC extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser identifies my site licensing correctly: Apparently, not everybody is completely...
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On CDG Terminal 2E Collapse

What makes this tragedy a bit more personal is that I spent six hours in the terminal on my February trip to South Africa, and was quite impressed by the futuristic architecture: Nat Friedman writes in his blog:

Indonesian Midgard Blog

WALHI is the Indonesian Forum for Environment. Their CMS implementation will be modelled after the Midgard solution deployed by The Wilderness Society Australia.It is very nice to see NGOs deploy Open Source CMSs, or more specifically Midgard. These organizations have much to gain from efficient communications, and Open Source is the cost efficient way to accomplish that. Open Source is...

OSCOM's Challenge Loop

One often forgotten aspect in OSCOM is that involvement in the process forces CMSs to evolve through a set of positive challenges.For example, the Midgard RSS aggregator used to suck until there was proposal that Planet OSCOM could be implemented with another solution. This lead me to improve the aggregator to a level where it works acceptably well.From #oscom:daveb: darn!...

CMS Collegiality - A Practical Approach

The idea with collegiality is that badmouthing and competing in cut-throat fashion is not productive. What the competing systems should do instead is evaluate each others' strenghts and weaknesses objectively and embrace common protocols and standards for interoperability.This interoperability would enable users to build their own "Frankenstein CMS" by selecting best building blocks from different Open Source CMSs, or to...
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Story on Vis

The BBC article mostly concentrates on the British historical aspects of the island.