Positioning a Consultancy on the Web

While it’s tempting to project a grandiose image of being a large multi-faceted company which is internationally sought-after, the problem with doing so is that you miss out on a lot of smaller work since it’s assumed you’re too expensive. If you are in fact a large company, the smaller work might be of little concern. If you’re not and you enjoy working on projects that require less of your time, then you may wish to reconsider the message you’re putting forward. The market is large, and getting larger; there is a need for all levels of skill and experience.

These are good points as we're preparing to redesign the Nemein corporate site. Nemein is now purely an Open Source consultancy focused on Midgard CMS and OpenPSA development and deployments, and so the site should match that.

Updated 18:00: Stopdesign's recently redesigned corporate site has lots of good ideas that we will most likely utilize in the nemein.com redesign. These include a nice portfolio and a page explaining the company's philosophy.

More specifically, our site should feature:

  • Interconnected solution descriptions (content management, project tracking, ...) and case studies
  • Personnel bios connected to personal blogs and a "Planet Nemein" aggregator
  • Corporate principles area which explains our model of working; outsourcing, Open Source, standards, security, etc.
  • Partners area where we list all the companies we work with. Communities like OSCOM, Midgard Project and Linux Greenhouse should also be mentioned
As we're all quite busy, the site should be constructed so that it will only feature basic descriptions and some screenshots on different things, and point to actual project sites for more information. Solution and case descriptions should be short and atomic, explaining only one solution per document instead of a whole application. This way the information should stay manageable.