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Ukrainian experience

Ukraine. The border was surprisingly fast and the nice border guards even warned me of a police radar trap ahead. (2004-07-12 13:52 - Bergie)
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Head out on the highway

Last morning in St. Petersburg. We're packing and wondering how Kerttu will get all her stuff carried without the motorcycle. (2004-07-10 10:38 - Bergie)
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Get your motor running

Heavy rain in Helsinki so we put on our teletubby suits. Odometer says 56084km (2004-07-03 11:53 - Bergie)
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More African Photos Online

The photos still need to be titled and added to appropriate travel journal entries, but that might have to wait until I return from the Black Sea.

Travel preparations

This trip will be headed to the Black Sea, and possibly to the Caucasus region. Research for the Caucasus part of the trip has been going on for quite a while, but now it looks like the area might be a bit too restless for travel.

Content Creation with SMS

The SMSs are sent to an old Ericsson R520 mobile phone which is connected to a Linux box running gsmsmsd from gsmlib. New SMSs are forwarded to Routa MC as emails, which are imported into Midgard using fetchmail and the OpenPSA mail import script Then the SMSs are handled by a Midgard page which has the following code:

Nemein's New Visual Guidelines

Over half of the new business Nemein gets comes through the Web site, so it makes sense to put some effort into improving it. The old site was very product-focused and didn't really communicate how the company works.Design goals for the new site included:Highlight solutions instead of the (Open Source) products behind themHighlight Nemein's client list and some case studiesExplain...

Standard Labels in XHTML Layouts

Using standard CSS classes was one of the ideas I posted on practical CMS interop. If different Content Management Systems and web scripts could standardize on these keeping layouts synchronized between them would be very easy.In his follow-up, Andy provides a more detailed list and structure of IDs to use. This could well be the starting point for standardization.Updated 2004-06-23...

Planets and Reading Lists

My full weblog is aggregated to Planet Midgard, Summer Source Blogs and Midgard developers on OSCOM.In addition to aggregating all posts, the Midgard category is aggregated to Planet PHP, the Business category to Linux Greenhouse Blogs and the OSCOM category to Planet OSCOM. OpenPSA News are generated from my OpenPSA category.These aggregators combined with people reading the weblog with news...