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Eric Sink on Software Pricing

Some ISVs use no-cost products or open source strategies quite effectively. For example, SleepyCat is a very successful small ISV that developed its own software. At SleepyCat, they use an open source strategy. Their product is wildly popular. However, it's easy to forget just how expensive it is to build software. The ideal loss leader is something that is quite...

Midgard and UTF-8 Instructions

To make implementing UTF-8 in Midgard easier in the mean while, Torben Nehmer has posted a handy UTF-8 with MidCOM guide.More information about internationalization in Midgard can be found from Midgard Documentation.Of course, even after Unicode is the default encoding in Midgard we will have to go through many MidCOM components to ensure they conform to test suites like Sam...

Helsinki Business Polytechnic goes MidCOM

The conversion was done by Nemein consultant Henri Kaukola. The old site had been powered by the NemeinNavBar system. Conversion to MidCOM was handled using my nnb2midcom.php script. MidCOM offered several advantages to the old setup:Clean, file-like URLs"Edit this page" integrated authoring toolAvailability of different components, or site featuresEasily configurable metadata fields for contentAs the site was going to be...

MidCOM and HTTP Conditional GET

I wanted to ensure that wouldn't be a problem on sites built with Midgard CMS and MidCOM. On an IRC discussion with Torben Nehmer, I pointed him to Alexander Alapite's Conditional GET support library for PHP.However, it looks like this is not an issue, as MidCOM already supports conditional GET if its server-side caching system is enabled:
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Back from Caucasus

The 11,000km trip was amazing, including diverse places like St. Petersburg, Crimea, Georgia, Istanbul and Kosovo.
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There is something special about taking a ferry trip to Italy. All the Croatian ship staff insisted on speaking Italian to me, even though I would've understood Croatian much better. On the deck the ones afraid of traveling were praying with their rosaries.
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In the Balkans

The Bulgarian border was much better than its reputation. Leaving Turkey actually took more time. No road tax for motorcycles. (2004-08-02 14:38 - Bergie)
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Through Turkey

Now in Turkey. The border was quiet but wonderfully inefficient. No carnet problems but issues with not having ten dollars for customs forms. (2004-07-28 13:03 - Bergie)
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In the Caucasus

Senaki, headed on M1 to Tbilisi. Nice weather and good road. (2004-07-21 12:45 - Bergie)
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The Black Sea

Started the trip to Crimea. First gasoline break on the outskirts of Odessa, and then on the road. Sun is shining. (2004-07-16 10:50 - Bergie)