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Back from Caucasus

The 11,000km trip was amazing, including diverse places like St. Petersburg, Crimea, Georgia, Istanbul and Kosovo.
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There is something special about taking a ferry trip to Italy. All the Croatian ship staff insisted on speaking Italian to me, even though I would've understood Croatian much better. On the deck the ones afraid of traveling were praying with their rosaries.
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In the Balkans

The Bulgarian border was much better than its reputation. Leaving Turkey actually took more time. No road tax for motorcycles. (2004-08-02 14:38 - Bergie)
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Through Turkey

Now in Turkey. The border was quiet but wonderfully inefficient. No carnet problems but issues with not having ten dollars for customs forms. (2004-07-28 13:03 - Bergie)
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In the Caucasus

Senaki, headed on M1 to Tbilisi. Nice weather and good road. (2004-07-21 12:45 - Bergie)
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The Black Sea

Started the trip to Crimea. First gasoline break on the outskirts of Odessa, and then on the road. Sun is shining. (2004-07-16 10:50 - Bergie)
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Ukrainian experience

Ukraine. The border was surprisingly fast and the nice border guards even warned me of a police radar trap ahead. (2004-07-12 13:52 - Bergie)
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Head out on the highway

Last morning in St. Petersburg. We're packing and wondering how Kerttu will get all her stuff carried without the motorcycle. (2004-07-10 10:38 - Bergie)
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Get your motor running

Heavy rain in Helsinki so we put on our teletubby suits. Odometer says 56084km (2004-07-03 11:53 - Bergie)