Running on Mac OS X

The tutorial seems to solve the main problems I've had with OOo on my iBook, including keyboard mapping and PDF generation. What it doesn't help with, though, is the horribly slow start-up time.

Another interestion option would be NeoOffice/J, a Java port of OpenOffice 1.0.3 that runs natively on Mac OS X. As an X11 server won't be needed the start-up times should be noticeably faster.

NeoOffice is still under development. The project page states:

As this is a development project, NeoOffice/J is intended for software engineers and is not yet complete enough for regular users.

In the related Slashdot discussion however, someone commented:

I think NeoOfficeJ is a fantastic implementation of OpenOffice. I switched to it because NeoJ will load associated files when you double click them. OpenOffice in its current OS X X-window implementation doesn't do this very consistently. On top of that the integration with OS X is just so much cleaner and friendlier.