What is wrong with Mac desktop

Chris Shiflett has a list of Mac OS X Annoyances:

Maximizing Is Broken.

How hard can this be? Seriously. If you want to be different, that’s cool, but not when it means being broken. When I maximize something, it should take up the whole screen. Get it? Leaving little gaps everywhere just means that I’ll bring another app to the foreground when I accidentally click on it.

Alt-Tab to a Minimized App, and It Stays Minimized.

(Yes, I know it’s really command-tab, but who says that?) There are lots of reasons why alt-tab on the Mac sucks, and this is one of them. Combine this with the fact that apps don’t really close when you close them, and the result is alt-tab pollution. You switch apps, but nothing happens. Is the app closed? Is it minimized? It is just the damn Finder again?

Too Many Option Keys.

Function, control, alt, option, and command (which used to be called open apple and is sometimes referred to by its symbol). Which one do I use to right-click again? Which one makes the delete button delete? Surely we can get rid of one or two of these.

In the other news, I wanted to share this photo of Karoo sunset week ago with you. The photo is taken somewhere near Oudtshoorn on Route 62.