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Hunting a PHP segfault

The segfault seems to be triggered on pages that have multiple mgd_auth_midgard() or mgd_unsetuid() calls. In most cases the crash happens only after Midgard request has completed, but before output has been sent to the browser, as reported by Torben.In OpenPSA Personnel this happens when administrator modifies a user record. There we have worked around this by simply exiting the...

Finnish Championship of Fireworks

We watched the contest from Kaivopuisto near Cafe Ursula. The whole central Helsinki was very crowded, but by lane splitting a bit with my motorcycle we could easily find a good viewing point.The contest has been set up in the memory of the shelling of Viapori by a British and French fleet during the Crimean war in 1855. The citizens...

Elisa's Network is Down

The connection went down first time around noon, and returned after 2pm. Now the connection has been down since around 3:45pm. When trying to reach Elisa's Network solutions site to find out when things will start working again, the ColdFusion server only responds with:

Running on Mac OS X

The tutorial seems to solve the main problems I've had with OOo on my iBook, including keyboard mapping and PDF generation. What it doesn't help with, though, is the horribly slow start-up time.Another interestion option would be NeoOffice/J, a Java port of OpenOffice 1.0.3 that runs natively on Mac OS X. As an X11 server won't be needed the start-up...

Eric Sink on Software Pricing

Some ISVs use no-cost products or open source strategies quite effectively. For example, SleepyCat is a very successful small ISV that developed its own software. At SleepyCat, they use an open source strategy. Their product is wildly popular. However, it's easy to forget just how expensive it is to build software. The ideal loss leader is something that is quite...

Midgard and UTF-8 Instructions

To make implementing UTF-8 in Midgard easier in the mean while, Torben Nehmer has posted a handy UTF-8 with MidCOM guide.More information about internationalization in Midgard can be found from Midgard Documentation.Of course, even after Unicode is the default encoding in Midgard we will have to go through many MidCOM components to ensure they conform to test suites like Sam...

Helsinki Business Polytechnic goes MidCOM

The conversion was done by Nemein consultant Henri Kaukola. The old site had been powered by the NemeinNavBar system. Conversion to MidCOM was handled using my nnb2midcom.php script. MidCOM offered several advantages to the old setup:Clean, file-like URLs"Edit this page" integrated authoring toolAvailability of different components, or site featuresEasily configurable metadata fields for contentAs the site was going to be...

MidCOM and HTTP Conditional GET

I wanted to ensure that wouldn't be a problem on sites built with Midgard CMS and MidCOM. On an IRC discussion with Torben Nehmer, I pointed him to Alexander Alapite's Conditional GET support library for PHP.However, it looks like this is not an issue, as MidCOM already supports conditional GET if its server-side caching system is enabled:
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Back from Caucasus

The 11,000km trip was amazing, including diverse places like St. Petersburg, Crimea, Georgia, Istanbul and Kosovo.