Getting used to the new office

Rambo in the office, photo taken with Nokia 6820

We had been "practicing" cohabitation with the two companies since early June, with the Innopoli2 office mostly serving as a mailbox, and so the move was quite painless. Some of the office infrastructure was changed, like installing our network printers and adding more desks.

The office has much less capacity than the combined number of employees in the three companies, but that is not a problem since most people are always at a client.

The business synergies are quite good. We build web solutions and business applications on Open Source software, TMV provides network solutions and Linux support, and FTC hosts sites with Midgard CMS.

Sepetlahdentie 9 D entrance

The office is located in Matinkylä, Espoo quite near the Iso Omena shopping center.