Elisa's Network is Down

The connection went down first time around noon, and returned after 2pm. Now the connection has been down since around 3:45pm.

When trying to reach Elisa's Network solutions site to find out when things will start working again, the ColdFusion server only responds with:

An error occurred while attempting to establish a connection to the server.

The most likely cause of this problem is that the server is not currently running. Verify that the server is running and restart it if necessary.

Unix error number 146 occurred: Connection refused

Finnish Teleservice Center (FTC) has an announcement about the situation. Elisa hasn't given any information on when the network will be up again, and their announcements page is also silent on the issue.

This outage has again reminded me about the importance of having local copies of data. For example, I can't send any invoices because our OpenPSA installation is in the affected network. Time to create a replicated setup of the important data? That would help offline working as well.

Luckily my blog is hosted by Nehmer.net in Germany instead.