We will move to Hietalahti

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About one year after Operation Suvilahti, Nemein has now grown out of the space there and so we're moving again, this time to a 50s industrial building in the Hietalahti district of Helsinki.

Here's the initial floor plan that still lacks couple of desks:

Hietalahti office

Our development servers and other network infrastructure will move to AfHeurlinia where there is a diesel generator and pretty good connections, so the new office space will indeed be just office. AfHeurlinia is a very secure location for our servers, as the place is guarded by both ninjas and ferocious dogs.

Couple of workstations in the lobby area will be reserved for visiting contractors and may become available under some kind of coworking arrangement.

The new office will be a lot closer to many of our important clients, and has a very nice view to the historical Hietalahti area:

View from the Hietalahti office

After Tuesday Apr 28th the new address will be Hietalahdenkatu 8 A 22.

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