Background of "Nemein"

We get asked often about the background of the name Nemein we chose for our Open Source consultancy. As Malarkey is running a thread about this, I took the time to write the explanation down:

We went with Nemein, an ancient Greek word for “to distribute, manage” for our consultancy.

The idea was to build Open Source software to enable organizations to manage their increasingly distributed and mobile, nomadistic workforce and projects.

And of course, was free :-)

Nemein has common origin with nemesis, and is connected with the word nomad.

Here’s the original company logo:

Nemein Solutions - Enabling Mobile Collaboration

Would I choose a different name if I were to start the company today?

Probably yes. The name should be more easily pronounceable (“Nemain? Nimein? Nemes?”) and should start with an A. It could also reflect the business we’re in in a less cryptic way.

But anyway, Nemein has already quite good recognition in Finland and sounds different from the competitors, so I guess it isn’t too bad.

At least it isn’t directly from the New Media Company Generator