I'm Moblogging Now

The "messaging device" has a crappy CIF camera, but I think that still the ease of taking photos helps to make my site more live.

The procedure for posting a photo is the following:
  • Take a photo with the camera
  • Select "sent" from the options -> "send as MMS"
  • Type the photo caption to the MMS
  • Select "send as email"
Then the photo gets sent via GPRS to an IMAP box reserved for this purpose. My server has a fetchmail script polling the inbox that will forward the messages to Midgard using the supportmda.pl script from OpenPSA.

Midgard reads the messages in and converts them to MidCOM de.linkm.newsticker compatible articles with the photo stored as an "image" type attachment that has a generated thumbnail.

This weekend will be the acid test for this concept, as I will spend it in a combat exercise arranged by MPKRy.

In the other news, I turned 25 today. Quarter of a Century is the release name for today's midcom-template ;-)

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