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While my site is publishing a lot of photos, I’m using Flickr as my central photo storage location. The reason for this is simple:

There are dozens of tools that can upload to Flickr easily, including FlickrExport for iPhoto and Nokia Lifeblog, but very few tools that could do the same for Midgard. By centralizing to Flickr I make my life a lot easier, but also lock myself to a proprietary service.

Luckily Flickr has a quite comprehensive API for photo management. By using the nice phpFlickr library I am able to synchronize the photos uploaded to Flickr to my blog. The result is that I can upload photos more easily, and both Flickr users and my blog readers can see them. Here are the first photos imported:


The way this works is that I’ve subscribed my org.routamc.photostream installation to my Flickr account. By default it checks every hour whether there are new photos, but I can also do a manual synchronization:


This functionality is available in MidCOM SVN trunk.

In related news, thanks to the Plazes raffle last year, I now have two more years of Flickr pro account available. And Plazes seems to be doing well all around.

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