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Heavy rain in Helsinki so we put on our teletubby suits. Odometer says 56084km (2004-07-03 11:53 - Bergie)

We're sitting in sushi bar of west harbour's old market hall. The bike misfired a bit and I hope the wet ignition problem hasn't returned. (2004-07-03 12:15 - Bergie)

First break near Koskenkylä. We've ridden on the highway instead of the old King's road because of heavy rain. (2004-07-03 14:01 - Bergie)

Quite a long queue on the Russian border. The guards told us to lane split much of it but this still takes time. Grey skies, no rain. (2004-07-03 16:03 - Bergie)

Finally, land of the free and the home of the brave. First taste of a Russian cigarette. Traffic insurance cost 32eur for the whole month. (2004-07-03 17:03 - Bergie)

Shashlik break in Tervaniemi yacht club with view to Vyborg castle. Grey weather continues but it feels good to be in Russia. (2004-07-03 18:15 - Bergie)

We just arrived to St Petersburg in evening sunshine, and are waiting for Jose and the girls on Ploshad Vosstanya. (2004-07-03 21:17 - Bergie)

The bike should be secure on a stoyanka on Ploshad vosstanya. We'll drop our gear to Veronica's on Five cornes and head for beer in Pivnaya. (2004-07-03 21:49 - Bergie)

Sibirskaya Korona beer, some suhariki and good company in Pivnaya -- feels like we never left after new year. Skoll isn't here, though. (2004-07-03 23:41 - Bergie)

Finally some rest! Now in Vsevolojsk. The morning will be early as we need to fetch the bike and see a water jet race on Neva. Spokojnoj nochi! (2004-07-04 03:21 - Bergie)

We didn't quite end up to Hermitage at noon, but the Georgian-style breakfast at Svetlana's place is excellent. (2004-07-04 11:35 - Bergie)

The bike was still secure but leaking oil in the stoyanka so we bought another 24 hours of guarding for 300 rub. Now we continue to Vitebskij. (2004-07-04 14:03 - Bergie)

After a hot train trip and long walk we enjoy the shade of trees in the park of Pushkin palace. Beautiful use of blue in the architecture. (2004-07-04 16:01 - Bergie)

First pivo of the day on a shore terrace of the palace lake. The garlic suhariki are really good and we have some dried squid. (2004-07-04 17:31 - Bergie)

Back in St. Pete and meeting Kerttu's friend Anna. Today's dinner will be in the arabic-styled japanese restaurant Magrib on Nevski (2004-07-04 20:47 - Bergie)

We spent last night on bar terrace listening to shouts of football fans, and are again in Svetlana's place. Still no warm water, though. (2004-07-05 09:21 - Bergie)

Breakfast champagne in Dom Aktyora, ne ploho! The girls are also finally up. Somebody plays the grand piano in the dance hall. (2004-07-05 13:15 - Bergie)

The Russian Museum was closed so we went for coffee and chocolate in Kafe Abrikosov on Gostinyi dvor instead. The others have pivo in Kupchino. (2004-07-05 15:51 - Bergie)

Difficulty of getting the group together reaches new hights - after another stint in Dom Aktyora we're now in Pivnaya waiting to get to Fireball (2004-07-05 21:01 - Bergie)

Morning pelmeni in Vsevolosk. They're probably fattening us to be eaten, these Ukrainians. ;-) Finally warm water so shower's next. (2004-07-06 12:35 - Bergie)

With promises to return we took the marshrut taxi from Sveta's place. Jose, Matilda and Annika leave today so we're in a bit of hurry. (2004-07-06 15:01 - Bergie)

Farewell dinner in Tres Amigos near five corners. Nachos, Mexican drinks and Cuban cigars. No weeping like when Jose left in new year. ;-) (2004-07-06 17:29 - Bergie)

In midst of cigars and merriment we noticed that Skoll is well remembered even if absent. There is the Skoll Position of being tired for example (2004-07-06 20:03 - Bergie)

Scared by the Ice Cream ManTM, the little girl and others drive away. All hotels are full so we stay at Veronica's in Five corners. (2004-07-06 21:53 - Bergie)

Expiration of visa by one hour means trouble at border as Jose and the girls found out. Luckily their cab driver arranged them over the border. (2004-07-07 12:25 - Bergie)

Since all hotels are full we have to register at the travel agency (Paspartu, Bolshoi prospekt 29a211). 20eur / person - outrageously expensive. (2004-07-07 18:39 - Bergie)

Not only was it expensive but the registration also takes two days to get migration cards back. Now we eat lunch in pseudo-medieval restaurant. (2004-07-07 18:39 - Bergie)

Some vodka with Anna and Ivan in Propaganda bar on Fontanki. The bike is still secure on Vosstanya. (2004-07-08 19:56 - Bergie)

After brief visit to a sushi bar on Nevsky we watched an old Bollywood movie dubbed to Russian. (2004-07-08 19:56 - Bergie)

Today's motorcycle ride brought us to sunny Petergof, the tsar's summer palace. (2004-07-08 19:56 - Bergie)

Dinner in Georgian restaurant Ket on Karavannaya ulitsa with Kerttu, Svetlana and Anna. Bad traffic on way from Petergof. (2004-07-08 19:56 - Bergie)

Ivan joined us and we continued to restaurant Parnas on Malyi Sadovaya for some champagne. Maybe later a Russian fantasy movie. (2004-07-08 20:39 - Bergie)

I saw something that looked like an anti imported beer demonstration on Nevsky prospekt. "Carlsberg go home." (2004-07-08 21:09 - Bergie)

Last day in St. Petersburg. We finally got the registration papers from Paspartu and are headed to the Zoological museum with Svetlana. (2004-07-09 14:09 - Bergie)

The zoological is closed on fridays so we went to Kunstkamera, Peter the Great's etnographical museum instead. (2004-07-09 15:29 - Bergie)

After Korean dinner of bi bim bap in Seoul Garden on Griboyedov we're sitting at an ice cream bar. Farewell party will be in Magrib. (2004-07-09 19:53 - Bergie)

My farewell and Guillaume's welcome champagne in Magrib. Looks like habit of 'Skolling' spreads rapidly in Russia. (2004-07-10 00:51 - Bergie)