Head out on the highway

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Last morning in St. Petersburg. We're packing and wondering how Kerttu will get all her stuff carried without the motorcycle. (2004-07-10 10:38 - Bergie)

Departure. Shared farewell kvas with Kerttu on Palace bridge, and now headed to Kupchino to return keys. Then on towards Moscow on M10. (2004-07-10 13:23 - Bergie)

First gas stop about 40km from St. Petersburg. Slight drizzle but sky looks clear ahead. Odometer says 56615km. (2004-07-10 14:44 - Bergie)

Slightly past Veliky Novgorod. Some of the potholes are big enough to eat a motorcycle. (2004-07-10 17:00 - Bergie)

Tver on river Volga. Hotel Tsentralnaya is familiar from last summer's trip. Next task is to find a stoyanka, then food and a pivo. (2004-07-10 21:00 - Bergie)

It does give slight bad horror movie flashbacks when the room behind a long dark corridor has a faucet that spurts out red liquid and no light (2004-07-10 21:30 - Bergie)

After some shashlik and pivo on the riverbank and journal writing it is time to call it a day. Tomorrow is a long ride ahead. (2004-07-10 23:12 - Bergie)

Morning blinis and coffee in Tver's Olimp shopping center while some photos are printed. Looks like I'll skip Moscow to get to Black Sea faster. (2004-07-11 10:32 - Bergie)

No working ATMs in whole Tver so I'll just start the engines. From now on everything will be unknown territory. (2004-07-11 11:12 - Bergie)

The stoyanka guys had played me the trick of emptying my tank. Oh well, gas is cheap here. I really need a lockable gas cap. (2004-07-11 11:50 - Bergie)

I just crossed a railway intersection closed for repairs motocross style near M1. Drivers of stuck cars cheered me on. :-) (2004-07-11 14:48 - Bergie)

Olitsvino. Headed south on Moscow ring road in quite bad traffic. Crossed river Moskva and saw signs to Kiev and Astrakhan. Difficult choise? (2004-07-11 14:50 - Bergie)

My Digital Ixus has seen too much dust and potholes, and decided to die. I have to dismantle it. In meanwhile, I'll try to get a film camera. (2004-07-11 14:52 - Bergie)

Pelmeni break in Detchino. Headed southwest on M3 with some rain clouds ahead. Still 240 km to Bryansk. (2004-07-11 16:18 - Bergie)

Passing a truck in front of a militsia checkpoint set me back with 300rub. Now I'm out of rubles. Hopefully Bryansk has an ATM. (2004-07-11 18:08 - Bergie)

Bryansk. Finding a bankomat was easy. Next is the familiar drill of seeking accomodation, stoyanka and food. Today's ride was about 560km (2004-07-11 19:52 - Bergie)

Found a nice room from hotel Desna. What worries me though is that the bike will be guarded only by statue of Lenin and two locks. No stoyankas. (2004-07-11 21:00 - Bergie)

This morning there was a cute grey kitten sleeping under my bike. Visit to post office and it is time to go. About 200km to the Ukrainian border (2004-07-12 10:36 - Bergie)

Not only I have to watch out for crazy trucks and check points, but also for herds of geese on the road. Very beautiful green scenery, though. (2004-07-12 12:30 - Bergie)