Royal Enfield: Built Like a Gun

cover image for Royal Enfield: Built Like a Gun

My Triumph Legend TT, which has been a trusty companion on various adventures, had an engine failure last summer. As a result, I’ve been without a working motorcycle for almost a year.

This week finally things changed, and I bought a brand new Indian-built Royal Enfield Bullet. I’ve been drooling after this simple and beautiful bike for years, but have been hesitant. Finally last summer’s Death Monkey rally with the 50cc mopeds convinced me that motorcycle adventures can be enjoyable also on a less powerful bike.

220 kilometers later, I can say I’m already very happy about the purchase. While the Enfield isn’t really a bike for quick dashes through Germany on the Autobahn, it compensates by happily thumping along on an enjoyable pace on the country road. And it is gorgeous too:


The durability of the bike remains to be seen. Based on various trip reports, it seems the bike breaks often but is easy to fix, which should suit my traveling style and locations quite well.

Update: For those wondering about the fate of my trusty Triumph, it is now being fixed and will be ridden by Juha.